Polk Audio I-Sonic Entertainment System 2


I picked up the Polk Audio I-Sonic  Entertainment  System 2 because its playback quality on AM/FM mode is superior to most other models in the market. This is because of its HD-radio function. It receives all its AM/FM signals in digital high definition. I also brought it because it has a large number of programming features. Another major factor that persuaded me to make this purchase was the fact that it is really easy to operate where I didn’t need to tax my brains while using the controls. It also helps that the machine doesn’t heat up very easily as I work from home and keep the radio on throughout the day.

The Polk I-Sonic ES2 has a second generation HD Radio tuner with multi-casting functions. It can be real pleasure to use it as it has a high level acoustical system along with digital signal processing using the latest HD radio-tuner technology. I have owned several high-end radio players in the past and I can safely say that with the I-Sonic 2, you are guaranteed of owning one of the best possible HD Radios available in the market today. It comes with a powerful single wire antenna that helps it receive crisp and clear radio signals.

It is possible to connect all types of iPod models as it has a versatile dock connector. There are also S-Video and composite video outputs also help us to get connected to a television or video monitor. It also has an iTunes tagging option that helps us to pick up whatever songs that are being played on the radio stations.

Source by Tim Pecunia

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