Pop Art Becoming Celebrity Art


Pop  art  is one of the most common forms of  art  which features celebrities. The idea behind pop  art  is that the artist will make a statement about modern culture using images from the time. They will often directly use photographs or clippings from other forms, arranging them in a way which makes a statement. In many forms of pop  art , there is very little actual drawing happening on the part of the artist, the main work comes from arranging pieces of other works into something new and interesting. Most commonly, images are blended together to present a new image. Sometimes the head of one person will be on the body of another or other dissimilarities like this.

Celebrities will often come into play with pop  art  because they are some of the most recognizable people that exist in culture. People can easily begin to make critiques of these celebrities because nothing about their lives is private or sacred. Living their lives in the public spotlight, critics will make comments on any aspects of the celebrities lives that they see fit. Therefore, the images of the celebrities easily lend themselves to examples of pop  art . Viewers of the painting will be able to look at the piece of pop  art  and immediately understand who the celebrity is. This will help the artist communicate their message much more easily.

Pop  art  does not necessarily have to follow this format, however. Not all of the works of pop  art  are made by combining images produced by others. Some pop  art  can simply be a re-examination of items and people which already exist in the world. By taking the image and reproducing it in a new light, one can see all of the beauty and flaws that the artist sees in the subject matter. Works like this have been produced about everything from soup cans to famous movie starlets. By playing with the color tone as well as the types of lines which are used to define the picture, the artist can change the perception of the subject matter and therefore make the public see something differently.

This  art  form is one of the most fun types of  art  form for artist to experiment with. They are allowed to take celebrities who they admire or disdain and use their public images to have some fun. Every artist wants to make a difference and help show the world in a new way, but few of those ways are as fun as emulating or poking fun at a famous celebrity while doing so.

Celebrities often enjoy works of pop  art  themselves. Most celebrities will have a good sense of humor about their images being used to make the statement and those celebrities will often autograph the work in collaboration with the artist. Some of these celebrities can understand how ridiculous the notion of pop culture can be and they are more than happy to help a fellow artist make their statement. Pop  art  can produce some great examples of autographed  art  of celebrities and any collector should consider which pieces are available to be obtained.

Source by Victor Epand

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