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Once limited just to the purview of celebrities and people high up on the social ladder, today pop-art is much more accessible and within reach of the common man. It is much more easier to get this for yourself, as the Internet throws in a world of variety in styles, pricing and mediums to choose from. In this article, we will examine the various ways in which you can pop  art  yourself, a few popular shopping options and typical/novel printing mediums.

 Art  Styles

The first form that comes to mind often is Andy Warhol prints. However, with the pop  art  movement bringing in plenty of variety, the list is today rich with amazing styles. Do check out options like collage, Lichtenstein, graffiti  art , campaign  art , propaganda portraits, delftware pop, monochromatic, scanner darkly and silhouette imagery.

Shopping options

While the styles are varied, shopping options are decidedly limited. There may be many stores that give you one or two kinds, especially Warhol or comic  art , but all options are seldom available at one place. You may also encounter sites that claim to help you convert photos for free. This is great when you are just trying out a new look, but the results are seldom good when you want a portrait to frame at home. You can also hire freelance artists in your neighborhood or take the services of studios, but the finesse may be lacking.

Printing mediums

 Art  is no longer limited to canvas, and the same holds true for pop  art  also. You can print on paper, wood, natural slate, plastics, ceramic and other interesting surfaces that lend a natural texture. You can also opt for prints on gift articles. Mugs and t shirt printing are extremely popular in this regard. However do not overlook ideas like puzzles, scarves, tiles, key chains, wall clocks, showpieces, trophies, wristwatches and bags.


When it comes to  art , a well-spread out pricing structure seems to exist across the market. There are sites that offer pop  art  services for free. So if you want to create these just for the minute-binge, that may be the best option. The other end of the spectrum also exists. Originals by renowned artists like Warhol, Lichtenstein are regularly auctioned. However, if you are considering this as a part of home décor, and want to stick to the middle path, you may want to go to the expert studios for support. Prices here usually depend on the quality of artwork, popularity of artist/studio, size of the piece, home delivery and of course the printing medium. When comparison-shopping, do look at the pricing on this basis and only then choose your vendor.

The world of pop  art  holds great promise today. A vivid range entices in terms of design, colour, appeal and look. From urban housing to country homes, from the unborn child to the aged couple, everyone’s portraits look awesome in this style. The ways to pop-art yourself are many, you only need to look at the right places.

Source by Ronan Le Breton

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