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When you think of  entertainment , what comes to mine? Is it going to the movies, attending a concert, visiting a museum, what do you consider to be premium  entertainment ? One of the first things that comes to my mind when someone mentions  entertainment , is video games. When someone mentions video games, I instantly think of playing some of the best games ever made, on my Xbox 360. Now, if you’ve never played one before, you probably have a few questions, like, why is this such a great form of  entertainment  or what makes it so fun? Well, this article is going to outline why this gaming console is so great and how it can be a great form of stress relief.

The reason the Xbox is so great, is that it’s extremely simple to pick up and learn how to use in a matter of minutes, I can’t say the same about the PlayStation 3. The dashboard is very content rich, easily to search and fun to interact with. There are so many great titles for this console, it’s impossible not to find something that you like and enjoy playing. The game play extends far beyond playing alone, you can bring in friends from Xbox Live or compete in online battles. The capabilities of this console are far better than any other form of  entertainment  you could possibly find. What makes this system even more attractive, is that it’s a great form of stress relief. When you step into the world of a video game, through the use of the game’s character, you forget who you are and become them. You’re no longer thinking about your bills, what the next day will bring or even what you’re having for dinner, you mind is focused on something that is relaxing and enjoyable.

Source by Brandon A Kelly

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