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Abhay Deol and the genre of experimental cinema go hand in hand is a fact well known to audience in India. It is no surprise that this Deol does come from a different school of thought in acting as compared to his uncle, cousins and other traditional actors in the industry. This time he is coming up with Road Movie, which boasts of mix of some foreign hand and Indian. It is directed by Dev Benegal and produced by US-based Ross Katz and Susan B. Landau.

The film has already been screened at Toronto and Cannes Film festival and has received applauds from critics and everyone who saw it. Apart from featuring Abhay Deol in lead role, Tannishtha Chaterjee and veteran Satish Kaushik also appear in crucial roles. As it has been said by critics and people who have witnessed this film, it is a short (95 minutes) but crispy and powerful film. The only drawback they cited is that it is too short and leaves the viewer gawking at the screen with admiration in the end.

The story of the film is a simple one where Abhay Deol plays the role of Vishnu, who is a fidgety young man who yearns to escape the faltering oil business of his father. To his rescue, there is a Truck in his home which can be a possible savior for him. The film is all about him getting free from the clutches of his household and through this unique way discovering new people and himself.

The movie is as about meeting people while on the truck but also the inner realization of the protagonist. This is the central theme of the film which the director has tried to emphasize in its short duration of 95 minutes. The film is made with noble intention of serving to the interest of niche audience; as people who truly love cinema will appreciate this film- appears to be the intention of the director.

In recent times people have witnessed some of the biggest commercial successes in the name of Rajkumar Hirani’s 3 Idiots, Karan Johar’s My Name Is Khan and James Cameroon’s Avatar, but this may be the time to be an eyewitness to a technically well made film that carries message for the audience while discovering the character of the protagonist.

In India we have seen that this kind of genre where everything is not told to the viewer and it is left to the imagination of the viewer to interpret the film and protagonist doesn’t work with the masses. To help the cause of the director there are success stories in recent years but it is a risk anyway.

After all we enjoyed Avatar in 3D as much as George Clooney starring in Up In the Air which are still going strong.

Source by Abhishek Shandilya

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