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You have been tasked to schedule the professional  entertainment  by the family for an occasion that everyone wants to remember forever. It is your parents 60th anniversary and where do you start? You have planned parties before and this is really something that has you pondering because you want something unique.

As you start making your list you start with all types of singers, DJs and even think of fireworks. Then it comes to you and your face lights up! A magic show, if you have been married for 60 years you know there have been some tricks played along the way. As 60 years have gone by they had to have entertained themselves quite a bit since a lot of stuff was not invented yet, simple things like the TV.

So, thinking back you try to remember what everyone did for  entertainment  and things that kept everyone busy and at family gatherings. Before you know it you are thinking of card tricks, magic shows, capes and top hats and you get so excited because you have just found your answer…your professional  entertainment  is going to be an Illusionist.

You hit the internet, because the last one you remembered was Houdini, but, you paused and smiled knowing even though he has passed his shows were exciting. Names start popping up Blaine, Vitelli, Angel, and you start reading up on them and you have decided Vitelli is for you. His shows are exciting; the crowd will love it, his theatrical background will fit the theme and his illusions can be tailored for an older couple once he knows the occasion. Dad will love seeing the cards, whether he does the tricks with them or the illusion of them floating from his top hat.

Any professional  entertainment  is not cheap, but, you know he will be worth it. You can see the smiles and gasps in your head of the family and children so you feel confident and you know you have made the right decision. The evening comes and the show begins, you see your parents holding hands like they did when they were at their first magic show. The performance begins; no one moves…and no one will ever forget, not even you.

Source by Ray C. Subs

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