Project E Beauty 3D Four Balls Handheld Solar Energy Fat Remover Fitness Slimming Weight Loss Body Health Massage Roller


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Introduction: Nowadays, more and more people have been concentrated on health care. Massage has been popular, which is good at relieving stress, fatigue and promoting blood circulation. After massaging, you can feel pleasurable and it can relieve the pression to reached the effects. Massage is very important, especially for those who are always working under stressful situation. This skin care device is good for body & face daily therapy. It works on skin rejuvenation, body shaping, weight lossing, wrinkle removal, anti-age, skin renewal, anti-allergy, increase skin elasticity, and so on. It uses technologies of roller, 360 degree magic massager that can massage body, face, arms, legs, buttocks and back, and it can achieve effect of face slimming, face lift, skin tighten, body slimming, body shape, relaxing uncomfortable muscle, release tiredness and muscle sporting! The two balls on the massager can roll once you move it forward or backward. During the massaging, it is quite and very conformation. You will not feel any pain at all. The two balls would not get you hurt but comfort muscle and skin effectively. Daily treatment is available. About 10 minutes treatment everyday can keep sharp body, smooth skin and young face. It adapt for the sensitivity and unconscious skin.Skin tightening,breasting enlarging;
With new kneading technology;
Rotation in 360 degrees cleaning and massaging totally;
Adapt for the sensitivity and unconscious skin.
Special design fit for handy and easy to control.

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