Promotional USB Drives – The Hottest Business Giveaway


With the advent of technological progress, a lot of companies are looking to find ways to make things quicker and easier in the work place. They are aware that time translates to money and that the quicker those things can be done in the office, the quicker that other projects can be done. More productivity means more earnings for the firm. With most households and companies regularly using personal computers, many of them are now looking at using promotional USB Drives to deliver their company literature and information while giving their clients something of value to use into the future.

Universal Serial Bus Drives, more commonly known as USB drives, are compatible with most computers and are capable of storing more data than traditional CDs and DVDs. Also referred to as thumb drives, they are typically removable and rewritable, much smaller than a floppy disk, and most weigh less than an ounce.

Promotional USB memory drives offer potential advantages over other portable storage devices, particularly the floppy disk. They have a more compact Size and shape. USB memory drives can easily be brought anywhere as they can fit in a purse or pocket. They hold a lot more data and information. Storage capacities can range from 64 MB up to 32 GB or higher with steady improvements in size and price per capacity. Unlike traditional storage devices, they have a more durable design. USB jump drives are not vulnerable to surface scratches like regular CDs making data more secure. They operate faster and are more reliably due to their lack of moving parts. These devices are easy to use as ‘plug in and play’ is all they require. Additionally, it has become increasingly common for computers to be sold without floppy disk drives. USB ports, on the other hand, appear on almost every current desktop personal computer, laptop and MAC. Finally, USB memory drives are not only environmentally friendly due to their reusability, but they also serve as an innovative and cheap marketing tool.

As a marketing item, promotional USB memory drives also carry a strong novelty value in today’s saturated media market and promotional advertising. They are used for a longer period of time, making them cheaper and more effective than other advertising media like TV, radio and newspaper and other business giveaways.

The most important benefit businesses can not ignore from distributing personalized USB Drives is having their brand name, company logo, or message displayed to the user each time they access the drive. This gives you utmost brand and logo exposure.

Promotional USB memory drives are an obvious choice for a successful ad campaign. They are ideal to be can be given away by companies to help promote themselves, their products and their services at exhibitions, trade fairs and business conferences. They are the hottest new thing in promotional products, but you never have to worry about them supersaturating the market or become antiquated. As described by manufacturers, each one has an infinitude of uses so a customer can never have too many of them. This brings to the table everything you want for a decent marketing plan. Other business giveaways have just been done already. People have needs and if you can provide something that satisfies that, you will come out on top.

Source by Natalie Smith

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