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Good movies are vital when you are planning for a first-class night of entertainment or just want to spend quality time with your friends over the weekends. These are not just the duties of the host to provide excellent quality in cinematic progress but to offer the house guests the choice of having an array of categories to choose from.

Despite the efforts to obstruct piracy, good movies are endlessly being copied and being duplicated unlawfully to cater to the middle class customers. Many entertainment seekers may resort to pirated DVDs in order to save a couple of bucks. Hollywood directors and actors’ alumni have protested against the circulation of unreleased shows which can easily be smuggled to foreign countries to be duplicated by the millions.

Piracy is an issue of copyright and when a person is found breaching the laws of the film copyrights, he or she is can be liable to face the music in the form of lawsuits and jail terms. Unfortunately the masses have condoned this practice since the advancement of graphic technology because they believe that buying cinematic productions in the cheapest price is a smart move.

Entertainment seekers around the world should understand the intensity of the crime that they commit when they purchased pirated DVDs or download the movies for free. They are robbing the producers, directors, actors, writers and other members from the entertainment industry of their well-deserved income. The hard-earned profit is cut short due to poor original DVD sales. Those cinema enthusiasts who purchase cheap DVDs in a package do not realize that the art work of other people must be credited with the endorsement of the original product, not pirated merchandise which has been illegally copied and distributed for sales purposes.

The sellers who distribute the pirated DVDs in for a big disarray of power with the authority once caught red-handed. Curb-side sellers will be charged under the Copyrights Act which then sentences the felons to a jail term of a minimum of three years. They will also be imposed with a heavy fine and in some cases; they are sentenced to both punishments.

The best way for the entertainment seekers to watch their favorite flicks without indirectly causing damage to people who worked hard to make the film a success, is to buy the films online. Pleasure seekers are able to download the wanted flicks for a small fee which is considered as a win-win situation for both the dealer and the customer.

Source by Dennis Moore Hopkins

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