Protecting the American People Through Technology


It is amazing the latest  technologies  used in the United States Military; we have certainly come light years in a very short time. Our military is the most technologically advanced army in the World.

Today we can control whole Armies with Blue Force Tracking, PDAs, Bio-Metrics, under skin RFID, all by satellite, RF, non-active pinging, AWACS, etc. There is even talk of figuring out ways to track your enemies troop movements, Red Force tracking by hacking into their system, then marching them into your strong points or over whelming their system and crashing it or disrupting it to cause chaos.

The superstars of the research and development world, those folks at DARPA of course have all sides figured out before deploying such  technologies . Since we are doing all these things and have all these  technologies  now. We can track Student VISAs and people of interest from questionable countries and possible International Terrorists by way of RFID active ID cards, Real ID programs, under skin RFID active Satellite tags. We can even track rental cars, cell phones, computer surfing, emails, phone calls, etc.

Some privacy advocates are a little concerned and probably for good reason, as no one wants a NAZI Germany type police state. For instance if we were to continue this forward movement based on fear from International Terrorists and therefore track everyone, are we still in fact living in a free society? Who might decide who is good and who is potentially bad?

One might even ask you; what thoughts did you come away with after watching; “1984,” “Gatica,” or the latest rendition of the Genre with Tom Cruise in “Minority Report” where one could be arrested for evil thought before an event? And if we fail to use these  technologies , then who are we to blame when another International Terrorism Attack happens?

The question of protecting the American People through  technology , is not an easy one, yet we need to draw a line somewhere and decide if it is worth it and then evaluate if it is actually working or simply depriving the good citizens of their freedom of travel, speech, press, gun ownership or ability to pursue happiness. Think on this for me.

Source by Lance Winslow

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