Proteove Hair Straightener Brush 2.0,Anion instant Magic Silky Straight Hair Styling, Anti Scald Teeth,Anti Static Ceramic Heating Detangling Hair(Blue)


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2 in 1 function: :PTC Heating+ Ionic Hair straightener brush

About PTC Heating:

Positive Temperature Coefficient(PTC) heating elements are small ceramic stones with self-limiting temperature characteristics.PTC stones have fast heating response times and plateau once the presefined reference temperatures is reached.It gives even heat distribution and quick temperature recovery time.

About Ionic Technology:

The built-in ionic generator emits negative ions-negative charged atoms and molecules that can interact with the molecular particles in your hair.They seal the hair cuticle reducing frizziness, splits ends,knotting and increasing hair manageability,leaving hair silky and lustrous!

Temperature Setting:

The default operating temperature is 190℃,you can short press the temperature button to adjust the operation temperature.Once the temperature is set,then temperature LED setting light will start flashing.It will stop flashing and stay on when the set temperature is reached.

Working Temperature Advices:

Level1,around 150℃(300℉),suitable for first time user or user with thin and fine hair,or bleaches hair.
Level2,around 170℃(340℉),suitable for dyed or dark color hair.
Level3&Level4,around 190℃(380℉) to 210℃(410℉), suitable for normal or slightly curled hair.
Level5:around 230℃(450℉),suitable for thick and very curly hair,or difficult to style hair.

Automatic Security Turing off after a usage of 60 minutes.

To switch temperature display between ℃ and ℉,please hold down ionic and power button at the same time for three seconds.
US safety Plug,Short Circuit Protection, Leakage Protection.
Dual voltage operation support:100V~240V.
Travel International use:need an extra international power plug adapter.
Anion gentle care leaves you with silky, smooth, tangle-free hair,and an incredibly clean brush, no tufts or clumps of hair to dig out or accumulate,improved parallel bristles design makes our straightener brush work well with thick & long curly hair.
US patent Anti Scald Teeth Design, merge the ceramic iron straightener, detangling brush, anion hair massager together, gives you a comfortable experience during straighten your hair.
Anion moisturizing and hydrating care,to do a deep care with oil treatment for the hair with brush Messaging,anti Scald, Zero damage.US safety plug,Professional, stylish, premium straightening iron brush, at an accessible price.
Instant heating in less than one minute allows you to simply plug in and begin brushing.Set to desired temperature using the built in LED screen and begin brushing.Temperature settings range from 150℃ (300℉)for straighter, finer hair to 230℃ (450℉)for thick and curly hair.
Constant Heat: Max 230℃(450℉),customized set 190℃(380℉)for natural texture hair, 230℃ (450℉)for thick or wavy hair, effortless and efficient straightening styling. Ceramic Iron Straightener + Detangling Brush + Anion Hair Massager, ANTI SCALD TEETH design,worry free from burning your fingers and hands.

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