Psychological Manipulation With Subliminal Technology


Don’t worry, the subject of the matter here is primarily yourself and this isn’t about manipulation per se – but instead reprogramming your mind and positioning it so that it brings about success for you in all you do by letting you take back control of life from a subconscious mind that is irate, negative and honed by a lifetime of bad worldly experiences. This is subliminal  technology  technology  that gives you the tools to mould your mind to the shape you want it to be in. We call it psychological manipulation with subliminal  technology ‘ but we should actually name it regaining the power of your mind – because this is exactly what this article is talking about.

I’ll concentrate on aspects of  technology  like flash messages and subliminal sounds engineered with low level messages and sounds designed to reprogram the mind. What they do in fact is either break down the wall of conscious thinking or just bypass it and get right to the core that matters – the subconscious. In summary, the conscious mind is the one that we are “aware” of – the still small voice in our head comes from it and it is the sponge that absorbs messages from the world, direct or indirect and uses it to build your character, your attitudes and your state of minds. While it does go deeper than that, that is the basic gist of the idea. The subconscious takes instruction directly from the conscious mind and is the machinery that drives the human spirit and the human soul.

We get lazy because of our subconscious. We stay constantly so because of our subconscious. Our character defects and our bad habits are all due to the subconscious mind perpetuating it into a routine that we sometimes do not feel or just deny completely. So what happens? Well we need to reprogram our mind, cleaning the dirt and mental grime that has clogged it up. The brush and the broom would be these subliminal  technologies  that get straight to the heart of the matter.

Inserting the messages directly means that we are trumping the conscious mind and putting in the instructions that we want to straight into the subconscious mind. Instantly they begin to get recruited into the neural matrix and reproduced within the cortex and cerebrum of our mind, piggy backing on electrical impulses and delivered to every part of our body. This excellent delivery system means that the messages that tell us to stop smoking, tell us that eating too much is bad, tell us that we have to be happy and positive – get wired into our nature and wired into our everyday lives.

This is the positive kind of psychological manipulation that subliminal  technology  can bring about. Somewhere in there is the latent potential to be smarter, tougher, more ambitious and more driven in life – healthier and happier and it can be unlocked with the use of subliminal  technology ,  technology  that is easily available on the internet.

Source by Greg Frost

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