Pulling From the Prospective Pool of Potential Possibilities


MODE of Cosmic Therapy: Wooing Our Latent Artistic Ability

Have you ever thought (or, more importantly experienced) how it is that we, as human beings, are not vested in one single contrived act, premeditated thought or established plan we undertake? Though we go to great lengths to convince ourselves of our seemingly verifiable involvement, we are, quite to the contrary, totally disinterested in the various delegated projects we undertake. [We, more or less, simply go through the motions.] IF, on the other hand, something quite unexpectedly happens, without our planning, prodding and manipulating the circumstances, inadvertently another kind of sensual vitality occurs.

In the midst of this new-found vivacity, we recognize a favored stirring within our being. If we are very observant (pay attention) we will notice a ‘still small voice’ in operation bearing witness to a singular identifiable truth. Because we are not the least bit inclined to be considerate, others may assume and mistake, quite ignorantly, this so-called preferred sovereignty in our spirit as heretical. But, be that it may, the fact remains: boredom, restlessness and disinterest have not any suitable avenue in which to adequately and effectively express itself when this unused artistic sacred sexual energy begins to move.

Why would this not be the case, when humanity strives, diagrams, plans, projects and charts progress in so many multi-faceted different ways? Simply put: he opposes himself. He is constantly at war seeking no resolution; wanting a surprise outcome. One, in which, he will have to call upon greater unseen forces within himself to confront and conquer inexplicable odds. Where does this unseen force arise from? {Sacred sublime sexuality} Man is continuously confronted by his latent sexual power yet he tries to subdue or thwart its natural progression. Sexuality is the highest form of spirituality available to mankind; with it comes incomprehensible freedom.

To evoke this type of passionate independence, while enjoying the pleasure associated, warrants a momentum most mortals are terrified of. But, think in the terms of a new sprout bursting through the soil! Fear is not an element in the need to proceed; simply the natural force (joy) to reproduce with no guaranteed promise of success. Life is totally unpredictable but with this sporadic nomadic unpredictability, a commanding surge of sexual vigor is constantly released to be used and enjoyed.

The hardship arises when one is so subliminally shocked by his own fevering need to express creatively; he mistakes calamities, obstacles, barriers, and chaos for something unwanted, unmanageable and undesirable. Not true. Hidden ecstasy is masked beneath those times, circumstances and episodes one least anticipates or expects to happen. Release the fallacious idea that you are ever in control or that you must “know” the plan. Clinker: YOU must be willing to turn on a dime.

You can not remain fixed, fixated or familiar with things, people, events that cause a false sense of security in you. This cherished recognizable peaceful intellect you strive to maintain diminishes sexual intensity and all creative power. Those comfortable ‘things’ eat away the very seditious nature one needs in order to create. (Again, think of the young plant’s unyielding penetrative rebellious spirit needed to break through the ground!) You become a facsimile of a delirious human being with no authentic thrusting impetus if you placidly go along with others for the sake of ‘peace’. Domesticated non-rebellion exists in a mummified complacent non-sexual motivated/activated body. The need to be well thought of, respected, admired, well-liked, accepted, conventionally predictable precedes the cumulative onslaught death of creative originality.

You were born with an innovative sexually stimulating warrior spirit. No less than an invigorating prodigious tree that scatters seeds endlessly without regard for where they blow; you too, are not to be concerned with a formulated outcome of any event. That transcendent sexual force which resides in you will flower (wherever /however) without your trying to ‘pull at the roots’ by trying to encourage it to move in directions it doesn’t want to go. When you try to subvert the juice through unnatural and inconvenient leanings, by ‘being nice’ or ‘accommodating’ and unbelievably ‘accessible’, you immediately leave your first love. Hence: the incessant need to plan, plot and coerce cripples your creative sexual expression.

Multiple avenues of creative sexual artistic expression are constantly blinking in and out of your life but you are far too busy (distracted) to notice their desire filled callings. You are so viscously hell-bent on delivering up the goods in a certain way, on certain days, to certain people, with certain expectations attached; you wouldn’t recognize a great spontaneous orgasmic thump if it knocked you over. What a shame! To be so callously determinedly driven to achieve a specific outcome, you miss the overwhelming erotic pleasure in living artistically!!!

 So many boulevards of unanticipated pleasure await your wooing invitation to ascend or descend (whichever the case may be) in order to be freed of your incessant need to worry, contend, defend, excuse and apologize. {Thoroughly, completely engulfed with unending sexual delight in every physical, mental, spiritual, financial, emotional, action you invoke, embrace and caress} Oh! What unbounded bliss rides upon the wings of complete unassailable resounding unfettered guilt-free sexually induced elation.

Do the unthinkable. Shock yourself and others by refusing to act appropriately and in conformity to the expected roles others have set (and you have allowed). Be courageous enough to reach down deep and squeal with despicable uproarious devious laughter. Follow the leading of your own naturally uplifting sacred sexual forward artistic motion. Don’t put the brakes on when you come up to the fence of your cleverly invented ‘dare to cross over’ borders. Don’t hesitate; leap into the boundless unknowable pit of ungrounded despair. There you will find permanent release from the chains of morbid discontent you can not shake. Pull from the prospective pool of seemingly impossible potential; thereto, will you discover (by revealing the obvious) many of your latent sexual selves in creative haven’t asked anyone’s permission covert operation.

Source by Paula Andrea Pyle

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