Pyaasa: A Bollywood Classic


Pyaasa has been hailed as a great Indian film. The film was released in 1957. It was produced and directed by Guru Dutt. The film was rated among the world’s best 100 films by Time magazine in 2005.

Pyaasa was a milestone in the history of Indian cinema. It is still remembered for its story, performances and music. The film’s music composed by S D Burman is evergreen. Sahir Ludhianvi wrote memorable songs from the film. The film was written by Abrar Alvi, a long-time script writer working with Guru Dutt. The film starred Guru Dutt, Waheeda Rehman, Mala Sinha and Johnny Walker in lead roles. Guru Dutt introduced Waheeda Rehman to the Hindi film industry. The film was initially offered to Dilip Kumar. Guru Dutt thought that Dilip Kumar was a good choice to play the male lead in the film. However, Dilip Kumar refused to be part of the film as he was sick of playing depressed characters on screen. He was loved by audiences for playing character of depressed lover Devdas at that time.

The story of Pyaasa is sensitive and romantic. It is a story about a struggling poet Vijay, who is not given importance by a materialistic world. After languishing in poverty, due to a strange turn of events, Vijay is thought to be dead by his friends and relatives. A collection of Vijay’s poems are published by a book publisher to a grand success. Soon, Vijay becomes a famous poet. Vijay, who is alive, comes back to meet his brothers. Benefiting from royalty of book sales of Vijay, his brothers refuse to acknowledge him. At the end, Vijay decides to renounce the materialistic society.

Pyaasa is remembered for its idealism and romanticism. It attacks the materialistic world where money is supreme. The film became a box office success on its release. Pyaasa and Kaagaz Ke Phool are considered the greatest films made by Guru Dutt.

Pyaasa has popular songs like Ye Duniya Agar Mil Bhi Jaye, Jinhen Naaz Hai Hind Par, Ham Aapki Aankhon Me, and Jane Woh Kaise Log. The songs are loved by people even today. Sahir Ludhianvi, a great song writer and noted poet, wrote career-best songs for the film. Picturization of songs is remarkable in the film.

Pyaasa was remade as Kavyamela in Malayalam in 1965. It was again remade in Tamil as Devi in 1968. Later the film was remade in Telugu as Mallepoovu in 1975.

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