Red Rock Organics Natural Anti Aging Facial Moisturizer – Organic Manuka Honey – Men Women – 4 oz


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The Best Anti Wrinkle or Anti Aging cream would be one that contains natural organic ingredients that nourish every skin cell, giving your skin what it needs.

– When these things start to happen… Wrinkles

– Less perk, elasticity and buoyancy

– Dry and sagging, losing collagen

…It’s time to give your skin the natural, organic vitamins, minerals and trace minerals – skin food – that it needs in order to repair itself.

Frankly we decided that the industry needed a change.

We truly are different. Our Manuka Honey Facial Moisturizer contains no parabens, harsh chemicals, water, mineral oil or alcohol. We use two powerful organic ingredients, Manuka Honey and Cehami, a botanical (plant extract). Manuka Honey is potent at promoting the body’s own immune system which results in faster cell repair which is why it is used in many hospital burn units. Cehami is a botanical which is scientifically proven to contain unprecedented skin renewal, anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties resulting in your skin looking and feeling healthy and younger. Add in natural and organic food grade nutrients and vitamins, minerals and trace minerals such as shea butter, cacao butter, olive oil, hemp seed oil, coconut oil and blue green algae all in a soothing base of aloe vera and you have an anti-aging facial cream that will continue to feed your skin what it needs every night and morning.

We offer a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee-there is absolutely no risk when you purchase.

Manuka Honey is often in short supply. Order today to avoid a wait.

Buy now for beautiful skin naturally.

CRUELTY FREE – NO ANIMAL TESTING – Made with Certified Organic Ingredients, Anti-viral, Anti-Fungal, Antibacterial, Analgesic (anti-itch/pain) NO harmful chemicals, parabens, sulfates, dyes, or fragrance. Perfect for sensitive skin Featured ingredient is MEDICAL GRADE MANUKA HONEY from New Zealand for it’s anti-bacterial, anti fungal, and skin healing abilities
OUR PRODUCTS ARE PREPARED REGULARLY to ensure they are at their optimum best when you receive them. We even go one step further and guarantee purity and freshness for 6 months after your purchase date. Should anything appear unsatisfactory to you within that time, simply return it for a replacement or full refund. Satisfaction GUARANTEED
DON’T MAKE THIS MISTAKE That So Many Women Do… and it Dries Out Their Skin Every Time Making Them Look Older. If you read the fine print in the ingredients list of most skin care creams you will find that Water is the first ingredient. You will often find Mineral Oil and even Alcohol. They are cheap to come by but they contain substances that are actually toxic to your skin and plug up your pores. Water and alcohol evaporate from your skin leaving it feeling dry again so you reach for more cream. Parabens are strong chemical preservatives needed to make the skin cream products last for over 2 years on a shelf. Fragrances are coal tar derivatives which are basically chemicals. All of the above add up to making your skin look dryer and more wrinkled and older than it really is.
The GOOD NEWS is that there is a solution and skin damage can be halted and reversed. Your skin is a living, breathing organ. It’s cells can be nourished back to a normal vibrant state. That’s where Red Rock Organics Facial Moisturizer Cream comes in. We use only natural and organic ingredients, No mineral oil or parabens. This cream works for men and women both and for all skin types – oily and dry and Fragrance Free. We have the vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and amino acids that your skin cells need to heal. Of course we add anti wrinkle agents like organic aloe vera, shea butter and a special grade blue-green algae which also contains vitamins, organic minerals and trace minerals your skin needs. All preparations contain hyaluronic acid.
NON ALLERGENIC anti viral, anti fungal, antibacterial, no fragrance. Just nutrient rich cream that soothes, moisturizes, heals, corrects and nourishes your skin. When I first started using this cream the nutrients went deep into my skin and pushed out some toxins that manifested themselves in the form of little blemishes for the first 4 days or so. These went away in a day or so. I can tell that nutrients went in and pushed out the toxins and got to work nourishing my skin cells. My skin is smooth and clear.

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