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A Class 9 drop-out who loves to make others happy; he is Prem (Ranbir Kapoor), president of the Happy Club. He will go to any lengths to help those who are members of the club – even if it means kidnapping and then get chased by angry policemen. The storyline is very cliched. Boy meets a girl. Boy falls in love with her. Unfortunately, the girl loves someone else. The boy is heartbroken but he loves her and wants to see her happy. So he sets out to help her get her dream man.

What should have been a simple enough task turns into a series of comic situations with, of course, our president of Happy Club at the helm of affairs. What is interesting is how even the most simplest of situations make you double up with laughter.

Though laughter is good what is even better is how colourful the entire movie is. Each frame has bright colours, whether it is the costumes or the brightness in the background. Where nature does not provide colours the director has added his own. It is either in the shape of a flower vendor or the shot is in a park. Even the songs have vibrancy to them.

Most of us have heard the songs of the movie, for those who have not heard — each song is pure magic. Peppy numbers that make you want to tap your feet. There are a couple of slower numbers and these are picture perfect. Usually one feels that the songs have been added just because it is a Hindi movie and it has to have songs. In Ajab Prem… the songs have been beautifully integrated.

The without-a-care-boy’s role suits Ranbir Kapoor to the T. His role appears a little repetitive considering that Wake Up Sid released a few weeks ago and is still running in many cinemas. Despite this, he plays this role to perfection, a few movies like this and Ranbir Kapoor would have mastered this role. His boyish charms pull at your heart strings.

Katrina Kaif as the love interest oscillates from being a tough cookie to crack to someone who needs help at various stages. Whether it is to be rescued from a forced marriage or to be rescued from a big bad wolf (the gunda).

It is a love story, so we know the end. It is how the movie has been treated that endears itself to the audience. Those who are looking for a light/comedy-romance would love this movie.

Source by Suchi Goyal

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