Renewable Energy Finance Management


Reducing carbon emissions will mean at least some time, if not an indefinite future, where less energy is used until renewable resources is able to keep pace with a fully adjusted demand. The race to find new sources of energy will likely characterize the fastest growing fields.

Renewable Energy Finance On Energy Replacement

Research that can lead to the more complete use of uranium and other fissionable materials could vastly increase the energy fraction gained and decrease the danger posed by a far less toxic waste product. For example, mixed oxide, or MOX fuel, is a blend of oxides of plutonium and natural uranium serving as an alternative to low enriched uranium (LEU) fuel used in the light water reactors that predominate nuclear power generation. MOX reactors beyond research phase are already acting like uranium recyclers in the EU and elsewhere.

Bio-fuels are a viable replacement for petroleum auto fuels, but not even a fraction of the personal cars on the road could be run on bio-fuels at the rate they’re driven today. Personal transport would have to disappear for the country to remain well fed, even with a massive shift towards vegetarian diets.

Renewable Energy Finance On Crisis Management

As the cost of goods increases without cheap energy, people are more likely to default on loans such as their mortgages. Finance management will therefore have to cover the exploration of other non-renewable resources that don’t emit carbon dioxide directly (though indirectly with their extraction and transport).

The state of currencies and economic health has an impact on the world of finance. By the same token, natural disasters, especially those that threaten the flow of raw materials or energy, cause losses in stock markets. When liquid assets are used to make repairs after storm damage or to fill in the gaps during an off quarter brought about by climate change, money that could have been used to invest in business is lost.

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