Retraining Our Workforce For Our Future Economy


Every time there is an election the United States, politicians get up at panel debates and roll-out their plans to either create jobs or help retrain the workforce with the skills necessary for the jobs that are available. Most of this is political rhetoric and malarkey. First, government isn’t very good with creating jobs, unless it hires a bunch of people for the bureaucracy, but if it does it has to borrow money or raise taxes which hurts the economy and the currency. Worse, it takes money away from consumers who would spend it and buy something while enjoying their quality of life and standard of living, or from a business that would re-invest that money to create jobs. Suffice it to say, it doesn’t work.

Retraining is much harder than it appears, governments do this very poorly, it usually never works and they always misappropriate resources and miss estimate how many or few workers are needed. If we follow the theories of the Singularity Institute, some of which makes a lot of sense, we think we see where we will need the labor in the future and yet, we are usually wrong, even though many in the Futurists type groups and the Singularity Institute are totally in the pipeline of the latest and greatest emerging technologies – ie… those creating the future are the only ones who can predict it.

We cannot spend money paying people to go to training as if it were a job (extended unemployment benefits) and then expect those exact jobs to be there once these individuals have completed two-years of training.

Another challenge is that many believe “we will build it and they will come” but will they? Just because you have a training program doesn’t mean anyone will sign up or take it seriously. If we assign people to do certain training using a career guidance counselor, well we know how worthless those folks are, and exactly how will we do that? Assigning jobs to people based on what? IQ level, age, race, athletic ability, work experience isn’t always in line with what “The Individual” might see as meaningful work.

Sounds a lot like Communism and you know Communism sure has its flaws, even if it might be the most apropos for a “Space Colony” just getting started. Our current government has done a horrible job in the retraining of humans for jobs. Past performance generally is the best indicator of future success, do you agree.

Worst of all, government sponsored job retraining benefits corporations, as the taxpayer is now paying their training costs, and usually the corporations with the best lobbyists get to pick the curriculums while other industries have to train their employees themselves, albeit way more efficiently – so how is that ‘fair for all concerned’ Mr. Rotarian and king of the local government-business partnerships in your city and mine? Just sayin’.

Source by Lance Winslow

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