Royal Siblings of Entertainment and Politics


Some people have to work to establish their names and there are some who were born with popularity in their blood. The former is what is more interesting for me especially if two or more in the family make it big. It is a testament that talent and discipline can bring you to places.

I wrote about the siblings that made a mark on music in sports, this time let’s take a look at those who entered fashion and a pair who were born to rule England.

Prince William and Harry

William is the next king but Harry is the exciting one. Harry was the one caught with a marijuana, went out with more girls, joined the military, and is downright more wild. William has always been proper and reserved. He is more like his mother, Princess Diana. After suffering the effects of their parents’ divorce, they were also there with each other when their mother passed away. They don’t give out a lot of interviews as their family’s attempt to give them as much of privacy as they can. However, in an interview given by William several years ago, he did confirm that they are very close given the separate lives they live.

William followed his brother’s footsteps when he, too, joined the military. Both brothers are now starting to get active in charity events. They are rarely photographed together but William said they spend time together indoors, where there are no cameras.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

The twins started their career when they were too young to know what is happening. They played twins on the show Full House. When the show ended, the twins were approaching adulthood and quickly began merchandising their image. They started their own clothing company and went on to sell to over 5,000 stores worldwide. Both entered the richest women in  entertainment  twice in this decade.

They still make movies and make TV appearances but they are more involved in fashion more than anything. Like Serena and Venus Williams, both are very warm with each other. They have ventured into the same business and running it side by side. They said that living separately is one of the best decisions they ever made as it gives them time away from each other to be themselves and not be one of the twins. They also do a lot of projects without the other and they admit that this is their attempt to make a name individually.

Unlike the Gallagher brothers, these two sets don’t give the media much on rivalry. It is, however, interesting to see how both siblings, despite their success aims to make a name away from the other. Perhaps this is human nature, there is always that innate desire to feel important all by yourself.

Source by Abel Alexander

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