RSS Feed – Can it Be Used As a Social Media Tool?


The advent of Web 2, quickly introduced the concept of social marketing, which has changed the way businesses go about driving traffic to their websites and blogs. Linking a website to social media channels such a s LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter helps marketers get their business categorized correctly by search engines. This results in targeted traffic being driven to the websites.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and Social Media

Social media sites such as Facebook, Digg and Twitter rely upon their members who have created RSS feeds so that their visitors can be assured of fresh content.

LinkedIn also has a feature that enables members of a similar interest group to share and critique articles. Further, originators and managers of groups can add an RSS feed or even a URL of a website to share information that is relevant to a particular group.

How to get an RSS feed of a search term on Twitter

Twitter is a great way to keep up with what people are saying about you and your company, but you really don’t need to search Twitter over and over again. Visit the Twitter home page and sign into your account. If you want to see all the Tweets for your own name put in your name and hit search. Once Twitter comes up with the search, hit the RSS feed button for the search query on that page. This will take you to a page which has the feed URL. Copy the URL and paste it into Google reader or any other feed reader that you use, and you will have an updated stream about what people are saying about you, your company, your competition or any search term that you like on Twitter

Twitter as an RSS Feed

Twiiter is now increasingly being used in place of RSS aggregators. It is now possible to link your blog to your Twitter account so that readers who read your Tweets can find your website every time you update your blog. For this purpose you would need to set up a free account with a service such as Twitterfeed or Typepad. Using these services will result in tweeting all of updates automatically.

You may also want to exercise the option of Tweeting only certain posts, in which case the manual option will be preferred. For instance you may decide to tweet posts that you have originated and not comments on your original posts. In this case you can log in to your Twitter account and write a tweet with your permanent link which will be shortened automatically by Twitter.

Using RSS to For Added Business Exposure

RSS technology can easily be harnessed to increase the exposure of a business on the internet. The advantage of RSS is that it is easy to syndicate all type of information, not just those from blogs. For instance you can have an RSS feed from discussion forums, newsletters, product reviews or just updates for prospects all over the world to look at.

Blogging however is one of the best ways to use RSS as a traffic generation tool. Blogs such as WordPress are simple to install on your website and the quickest way to publishing RSS feeds. Blogs can be categorised by date and topic. There are several RSS directories that can be used to promote blogs, one great reason why it is important to set up an RSS feed.

RSS is an amazing free tool that can be used in conjunction with social media to generate traffic and target prospects that would have otherwise not have heard of your business. Many webmasters now find feeds they are interested in using software programs and post the content on their websites or blogs to keep the sites updated with a view to attract visits from search engines spiders helping to position you as an expert in your niche.

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