Rules of the Mind: What You Focus on Expands


Did you know that your mind, your subconscious mind, follows specific rules? Successful people have been aware of this for ages and have used their knowledge of these rules to overcome negative and self defeating tendencies to create skyrocketing success. People such as Andrew Carnegie, Rockefeller, and on and on. These rules have been passed on from generation to generation, and now are being shared with you.

Are you ready? This article will explain the first Rule of the Mind.

Rule number one. What you expect you tend to realize. What this means is your mind will mind move in the direction of its dominant thought. Those things which you think about the most will tend to happen. What you focus on expands. Have you ever noticed that as you were thinking about purchasing a new car, and suddenly everywhere you looked it appears as if everyone else were suddenly driving that same vehicle? Your mind will always move in the direction of your dominant thought and what you expect you tend to realize.

If you’re like a lot of people, you tend to find it easier to express what you DON’T want than what you DO want and to focus on what’s wrong in your world rather than what’s right. After all, the human mind is a difference engine. That focus leads to you discover more of what you don’t want in the world around you. Which may lead to you complaining or bemoaning and therefore focusing your attention even more on what you don’t want and so in turn you discover it even more. It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy and it’s because of a little itty bitty part of your brain about the size of your little finger called the reticular activating system. The reticular activating system is the part of the brainstem that tells your mind what is important and therefore, what to notice. And you program with your thoughts and emotions. So as you think about, say, bad drivers and especially when you think about bad drivers with heightened emotion, that programs your RAS that “bad drivers are important and therefore should be noticed.” Once your RAS is programmed, the self-fulfilling cycle of attention-discover-attention reinforcement begins.

How can you use this rule of the mind to your advantage? The RAS is completely non-discriminatory. It is not the part of your mind that ascribes value to ideas. It will bring your attention to whatever you program it to. Most people go through life unknowingly programming their RAS by default, but you can easily program it to show you what would make your life BETTER. You become your dominant thought. Spend time deliberately thinking about and attaching powerful positive emotion to what you DO want in your life–that special relationship, career success, financial abundance.

Quick story. Back in 1996 after my divorce I was ready to find my soul mate. I dated quite a bit but without finding that special person. One day I was at a store browsing the picture frame aisle and a frame caught my attention, not because of the frame but because of the sample photo in the frame. It was a man and a dog, a border collie. The man was attractive, in that boy next door sort of way, with a baseball cap on but it was more than his looks it was a feeling his picture conveyed to me; it seemed to capture the qualities of who I was looking for romantically. So I bought the frame. I put it on my mantle and every night before bed I would look at it and I would say a little prayer and simply say, “I’m ready.” Then go to bed.

About four months later I went to an event for singles and met that man. Not the model in the picture but the man that he represented. He was similar in looks and yes, he had those characteristics I was looking for. I knew immediately I’d found my true husband. But watch out what you’re asking for! About six months after we began dating he went to the pound and adopted a border collie. The dog didn’t work out so well, unfortunately, but how amazing that what I had focused on in the picture came into my life, and so completely!

I spend most of my time focusing on becoming the best hypnotherapist and business owner I can possibly be; to realize on this earth the highest of my potential to serve others. And that dream, that area of focus continues to grow in every way year after year after year.

What are you focusing on and is it what you WANT, or what you don’t want? Because whatever you focus on you will draw to you.

Source by Cindy Locher

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