SAMYO Aromatherapy therapy Fragance Health Essential Oil Diffuser Surgical Stainless Steel Quality Pendant With Ball Chain Necklace -Gold


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This essential oils Pendant is the perfect solution for releasing a LIGHT aroma from essential oils and/or perfume.

Works perfect to keep a few drops of your favorite essential oil with you at all times. Simply unscrew cap and pour out essential oils!

How The Essential Oil Diffuser Necklaces Work :Simply unscrew the top cap from the stainless steel vial and gently add a few drops of essential oils in the bottle.If you are going to be laying down, it’s recommended to use just 1 drop. The aroma from the essential oils or perfume will release through the holes in the cap.

How To Clean Diffuser Necklaces :Get a Q-tip and remove some of the cotton on the end until it will fit inside stainless steel bottle and swab out.

Color: Gold.

Length of the chain: About 22.8 Inches (58 cm).


1. For best result Using only high quality, pure essential oils.

2. The essential oils or perfume will release through the holes in the cap. But it may not that obvious because the volatilization volume may be influenced by the temperature and the essential oils itself.Wearable essential oil diffuser pendants, convenient ,healthy and good looking.
Add Essential Oils Fragrance Oils or Perfume Inside Pendant Bottle and Aromatherapy Releases Through The Cap.
Releases a Light Aroma Smell and Stores a few Drops of Your Favorite Essential Oils For Using Anytime!
Surround yourself in a cloud of aromatic goodness everywhere you go!
Protect yourself from airborne germs in crowded airports, restaurants, theatres everywhere.

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