Save Your iPhone From Water Damage


Did your iPhone give up after getting wet? Chances are you can still manage to save it. Just follow these simple steps and you’re going to greatly increase the chances of resurrecting your iPhone.

1. Turn off your phone and get 10-30 silica bags

If you ever wondered what those little bags in your shoe case was for and how they now relate to your iPhone, I’m going to reveal the secret. Silica bags protect against moisture, but they can actually, alleviate many types of water damage. The first step in the process to save your iPhone is to provide the already mentioned bags. You can probably find them at your local shoe or hardware store, the price is not much

2. Place the bags in an efficient manner

The next step is to place the bags at all the small entrances on your iPhone, like the earphone or charger dock on a domestic film wrap. Now wrap the film and silica bags around the iPhone tightly, so the silica bags are in fixed positions. You can also use rubber bands to keep the silica bags in place. Now find a dry, warm place where you can put your phone to dry. Heaters and stoves are not recommended, since some components can not withstand high heat, so a place with room temperature or slightly above recommended instead. Now the only thing you have to do is exert some patients, and prayers do not hurt either, and your iPhone should be saved.

Source by Subhan Habib

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