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A good business slogan should do more than simply say a little more about your business or entice people to come by your store. A good business slogan should motivate customers to engage in your product or service. Business Slogans motivate customers and positions your business.

A business slogan is the ribbon that ties the package and holds it all together. Just as there are many types of businesses there are also many types of slogans. Here are few to choose from when forming your business slogans.

1. Business Slogans-A Unique Perspective – one of the things you want your business slogan to do is show how you are different from your competitors. By using the catch phrase to illustrate how unique or special your particular business is you can attract people to your company. A slogan that says “Rare books and home treasures” might draw people to a bookstore because they believe there are books there that you cannot find any place else. That keeps them from running to the local Barnes and Noble’s because they believe they can find something special at your shop. Uniqueness is a great motivator in our cookie-cutter business climate.

2. Business Slogans- An Advantage – a major question we ask all the time is, “what’s in it for me?” A slogan that can show how using your business above others will be a benefit or bring and advantage to your customers is a great way to bring their attention toward you. In our competitive world-view, everyone wants to think they have and edge over others. A business slogan that shows people you can help them faster, farther or with more specific care will swing public opinion to your side. A taxi company whose slogan is “We get there first!” has a great advantage because people are always in a hurry. Business slogans that provide advantage make a logical argument for your cause.

3. Business Slogans- An Inquiry – human beings love to interact and be part of a specific idea or train of thought. If you want to know people better, you should ask them questions. A business slogan phrased as an inquiry can encourage people to engage your business because they take the question into themselves and in answering it, discover they are interested in what you are marketing. If you ran a dry cleaning business and wanted people to be coming involved with your store you might have a slogan like “Would you want your wear to get the best care?” People seeing the slogan would automatically say to themselves “Yes, I would like my clothes to get good care” – then they assume that your cleaners have offer that service. Question business slogans must be set up in a way to solicit a positive answer, but they serve businesses well when it comes to customer buy in.

4. Business Slogans- A Goal – From the earliest scientific experiments of rats in mazes to constant venues of social psychology, human beings have shown repeatedly that we engage in goal setting behavior. A business slogan that sets a goal gives people something to work toward in a structured and well organized fashion. What they don’t realize is the pursuit of their goal will bring them in direct contact with you. For example, and internet market company is trying to find new clients to use its services. Under its name the slogan is “Your name in every mail box”. For people trying to sell something online, that would be an outstanding goal to achieve. They would certainly investigate that company to see if it can help them reach their goals.

5. Business Slogans– A Smile – Humor is a good approach (unless you have a serious business, like a hospital or funeral home – no one wants a funny doctor). Making people smile and feel good gives them the idea that your company can also provide the same level of comfort and ease. A pun on words or interesting rhyme may be just the thing to keep people running in your direction. A local donut company’s slogan “A hole lot of goodness” has kept them in business for years simply because it makes people smile – and that’s what donuts are supposed to do.

Creating a business slogan requires a professional ability to analyze which motivating factor would best suit your business. With the right business slogan, your business message will break through the clutter and motivate prospects to engage with your business.

Source by Todd Hemme

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