Searching For Role Models in Hollywood


Everyone watches movies for recreation and entertainment. Also, most of us have our favorite actors and actresses. Hollywood stars tend to have a very big influence on normal people, especially children. Right from the way they look, the body image to the way they talk or dress up, everything is being copied by someone or the other.

Hollywood stars can be role models for several people mainly because they have a mass appeal. These are the stars that people see everyday and like to follow. Kids and some adults also look for guidance from their favorite Hollywood stars. Television, sports, music and movies have a very big influence on kids.

However, some role models are good, while some are not such a good influence. So how do parents differentiate what is best for their kids. Some Hollywood stars look very thin and are anorexic. They deliberately starve themselves because they want to look in a certain way for the movies. However, some people and kids who do not understand these aspects of movie making. They rather take the stars that they like seriously.

In fact, celebrities do have to understand that they have a responsibility to fulfill and they need to be good role models. Parents of children do feel that being in the public eye is a responsible position. Therefore, people, who are famous, need to make a responsible choice of guiding people, who look up to them, in the right direction. So, Hollywood stars have to present the right body image to people.

Source by Kum Martin

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