Selecting a Mail Order DVD Rental Service For Your Home Entertainment


There are more online rental companies today vying for your entertainment dollar. Netflix, Blockbuster and a host of others have tremendous offerings in terms of a mail order DVD rental package. However, you will want to investigate their options and compare them to each other before deciding to sign up for a monthly subscription.

Choosing to rent movies online is a decision that you’ll need to make. If you at least like to rent a move each weekend then moving to an online service will definitely put you in the ball park as far as cost goes. In other words, using $3 as the price for a rental at your local video shop works out to $12 month. Whereas, a basic package with Netflix or Blockbuster is considerably less than that as of this writing.

Consider the service offerings that each company has on their website. Most companies today offer no late fees and free shipping with their rental package. This is especially handy if you tend to be the type of person who can’t seem to return the movie on time.

There is little doubt that Netflix and Blockbuster are the heavyweights in the market so they lead in area of speed of delivery. They boast a 1 -2 day turnaround on a rented movies showing up at your address which is unbelievably fast. Other companies don’t have the infrastructure in place to compete in this area. Netflix for example, has distribution sites scattered all over the U.S. This means that more than likely there is a site somewhat close to your location. Smaller companies for obvious reasons don’t have the resources for this type of setup.

One other thing to consider for moving to an online rental service is that their movie catalog will be much larger than your local movie rental store. With an abundant number of warehouses at their disposal, online vendors have the capacity to store a wide variety of movies.

On a side note, spend some time navigating the web site of the vendor you plan to go with. The good thing is that most retailers offer a free trial so giving it a test run should be easy to do. Try to get comfortable with the site, make sure that it responds well, before you sign up. The last thing that you want is to get frustrated having to wait on a webpage to load over and over again.

Mail order DVD rental is not such a new thing anymore. More and more companies now offer similar services. Spend a little time doing some research. Make sure that the services match up to your lifestyle and you’ll be on your way to enjoying movies in no time.

Source by Andy Brock

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