Self Employment Ideas – 3 Deadly Determinants That Stifle Most Small Business Ideas


Self employment ideas comes a dime a dozen. Where the shortage lies is in the motivation. It wasn’t long ago when you promised, “that if one more person in your department gets a pink slip, that you were out of there”! But for some strange reason, you just don’t think it will happen to you. (Like getting dumped, receiving a speeding ticket, or divorcing your high-school sweetheart)

Five million people world-wide are out of jobs. There are more people with PHD’s working in Starbucks than in universities. Not to mention that the economy is spiraling down like a torpedo, the stock market tanked and landed safely in the middle of no man’s land and job security or shall I say JOB IN-Security is starring us in the face, and still 95 percent of the population will rather just hope, wish and pray for a brighter day.

Now since you are reading this article, I feel that you are the type of person that take action. I can see you licking your lips cause you’re ready for the meat. ‘NO… this won’t be one of those articles that tease and drag you along and offer you nothing of substance. We are going to get down to the nitty-gitty. After-which the ball will be in your court… that is where you want it Right?

Read below as you will either decide to remain at the mercy of your boss or you will step across the line into the land of the 5 percent-ers to control your own future. However, before I continue, I have to warn you, this message won’t be cookies and cream. But it will bring to light your self-employment ideas or at the least… food for thought.

Frankly, self-employment ideas are all around us. Why we haven’t acted on the ones that we know about, thought of or are currently involved in?


Are you running a business or are you in a business and things just did not work out for you. Well, I have a news flash; things just don’t work out for most people. YOU!… Have to work things out.


The reason why most people are sitting on the sidelines of life is because of FEAR… You may ask Pray-tell…what am I afraid of? ‘Success…. would you believe that most people are more afraid of success than failure.


OK. If you are serious about starting a business or looking for self employment ideas, then, successfully handling rejection will have to become second nature. Because I’m not sure what business you can get started in and not receive some rejections.



Well let me say this first, that I’m not telling anyone to divorce their spouse. BUT!….. just kidding~ It’s very hard to be positive and motivated about a business when friends and even worse your loved ones are on the opposing team. At the very least you can distance yourself by not sharing your business goals with people whom don’t have your vision.

So think about your self-employment ideas that you have on the back burner, brush them off and go for it. Let the truth be told, that sounds easier than it is. Because if business ownership was a cat-walk then most people would be in business. Keep in mine that according to the Small Business Administration 95 percent of all businesses fail within their first 5 years. However, there are a few other business models with greater success records and less risk.

Source by Ksenia Strauss

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