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The older we become, the more susceptible to health problems we got such as cardiac, cataract, lung, arthritis and even chronic illnesses, such as cancer. Doctor visit and medications are expensive, it is better that we never life without health insurance because the old we get the more it can cost. Most states Medicare plans are most very needed by most senior citizens to offset their income.

Most people wait to get affordable health insurance after fifty run the risk of paying to much or even being rejected even in good health. Health Insurance company say for the person that has never had any medical condition that most medical problem start between forty-five and fifty years old. Yes, People over the age of 65 years old qualify for Medicare, and thus most of their medical expenses are covered. Some government organizations and Non-profit organizations do provide benefits such as discounted premiums on plans but other than that there are still not enough Senior Affordable health plans.

Think about the need of senior citizens to save money. Senior citizens cannot wait to get on Medicare. Most senior use Medicare to offset their medical expense because they are primarily living off government aid and a pension, some may have also investment but that is the exception to the rule. Medicare plans is designed in a way that it doesn’t become a burden or break the bank. Another feature of the Medicare plan is the considerably lower insurance rates. A lot of Health insurance companies have greater insurance rates but Medicare plans are much lower in cost when you are able to offset that cost with other benefits.

Because Medicare plans covers diseases and physical ailments and medical tests. It makes a big different to insurance providers.

Senior citizens should not be afraid of asking for help to understand their option. With the internet and senior can go online and find the answer to their question and in most case call the agent personally.

Senior citizens should know some of the basic question to ask about supplemental health insurance and how they work.


  • How is it priced?
  • What doctor can I see?
  • Can me and my spruces be cover under the same plan and not lose any benefits?
  • What do I have to do to qualify?
  • Will any of my income be affected by choosing the wrong plan?

Senior citizens should have a the information they need and the way they want it..

By Sean Grant

Source by Sean Grant

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