Sex In Bollywood Films? Does It Really Matter?


Sex in  Bollywood  films is a part and parcel of entertainment. The most successful adult Hindi film so far ‘Murder’ released in 2004 bears testimony to this. Although adapted by the Hollywood flick ‘Unfaithful’ Murder become a nationwide hit thanks to the sleaze and the love-making scenes of Mallika Shararat (sorry Sherawat). Neha Dhupia did an encore in the cheaply made but sleazy Julie which was a surprise hit. The movie was for the mass, to bait (please don’t treat these three words as single) and the junta loved it. Neha Dhupia was so much convinced about films getting sexed-up that her quote “only sex and Shahrukh sell” become more famous than her.

However, these bold girls had to take back their words when Neha Dhupia’s bolder movie Sheesha flopped and Mallika’s cleavage revealing ‘Back ke rehna re baba’ had audience screaming just that. Now Mallika has been relegated to the slutty character that lusts after the hero and gets nothing in the end…she did that in movies like Guru, Aap Ka Surroor and Shaadi se Pehle. The bad girl part is doing nothing GOOD to Mallika’s career. Mallika seriously needs to read her scripts well and choose good films. Neha Dhupia who arrived with a bang is now quietly doing sissie roles a la Chup Chup ke. Looks like the boob girls are running for cover. No more breast of luck for Mallika Sherawat, unless she comes up with a convincing performance!

In fact most of the sex-kittens of  Bollywood  have turned puppy later. Bipasha stirred and stimulated in Jism and Raaz, but has now toned down her exposure bit because she knew her cleavage would not take her far, if she didn’t get her act going(pun intended).

Priyanka Chopra’s character was that of a sexual monster that was looking for a male prostitute in an employee(Akshay Kumar getting lucky once again) in Aitraaz. The film did wonders for her but she felt somewhat guilty of the raunchy scenes she had done in the film. Considering that she is now a top-bracket actress, Priyanka Chopra is conscious about her image and has ‘aitraaz’ about exposing, without any ‘meat’ in the story.

Actresses debut with flash lines like “I don’t have any qualms about exposing” and then end up with “if the script demands it” after getting established. In a way, the exposure is just to make people notice them and then act sensible. There are also some actresses like Mahima Choudary who was an ice-maiden in her earlier movies and then began to reveal her huge assets, as a last ditch to salvage her career. Er.. I hope when they say they want meatier roles, they don’t mean films which show their meat. Well, I have my doubts intact because the Celina Jaitleys and Riya Sens of the world flash their curves which reveal everything but their talent.

People who are serious about watching and love their dose of entertainment would rather watch a powerhouse performance of Tabu or Rani Mukherjee’s histrionics. It is not that these  Bollywood  actresses have not revealed but they have given us some good films and ‘vow’ performances, which is why audience prefer to look at these actresses above the breast level. Ayesha Takia, wore less and did not get much in Tarzan. She did not reveal even her neck in Dor and Dor continues to be one of the best films made in India. Ayesha Takia is the only actress who has stuck to the ‘no kissing’ ‘no cleavage-revealing’ and ‘no-bedroom scenes’ policy and has been successful. It is such an irony that the girl who does not reveal much is the most fantasized actress. So, there you have it…Sex alone does not sell…Good films sell

Source by Arunraj V.S.

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