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Shirley of  Hollywood  is a long established manufacturer of lingerie. Dating back to 1949, even the name suggests classy products that were well known in the heyday of movies – after all, if  Hollywood  knows you well enough to refer to you by your first name, then you can be sure you’ve made it.

Despite the pedigree among all the glitz and glamour, Shirley of  Hollywood  doesn’t charge a high premium for their lingerie. Amongst those in the know, they are well understood to provide quality clothing at affordable prices.

This company is one that knows its market well. It produces genuinely distinct collections aimed at different market segments, rather than just doing what many others do which is simply making small changes to existing designs and passing them off as new. Young women have products in the ‘Sassi’ range directed at them and endorsed by celebrities such as the Pussycat Dolls, while plus size women have the ‘Intimate Attitudes’ lines to choose from. It all works, and it works well.

Shirley of  Hollywood  also provides sleepwear for men, under the ‘Gyz’ brand. They offer quite an extensive range, from robes and gowns to pajamas, sexy shorts and flattering ‘muscle’ tops. This sort of detail, providing complementing ranges to the ladies lingerie, is not something that many manufacturers have attempted and even fewer do it successfully. Fortunately, Shirley of  Hollywood  manages both.

Whichever range you look at, you’ll find that they do have some things in common. Shirley of  Hollywood  likes bright patterns and like their products to have a wide range of colours. They also go in for themes for some of their collections, and these are usually based around events like Valentines, Christmas and Halloween. They make a point of providing these themed collections in plus sizes too, showing again that they understand who their customers are and what they want.

Shirley of  Hollywood  does not sell directly to the public, preferring instead to use a network of selected retailers to distribute their goods. If you are interested in finding out a little bit more about they offer, and where to buy it, then your best bet is likely to be an internet store. This will save you the bother of trying to find a local store that stocks their lingerie, and means that you can view the whole collection from the comfort of your own home. It also means you have the chance of getting a little bit more of a bargain, if you happen to find a store which is offering a promotion like free postage or an end of season sale.

If you want value for money that still appears classy, something daring, risqué and sexy, then Shirley of  Hollywood  lingerie might be just what you need.

Source by James S Mace

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