Should Apple Develop an Apple Netbook?


If you look at the past few years, we have seen amazing developments in the computer industry. Just a few years ago, owning a laptop was considered to be a dream to many folks. The prices were high and many did not afford to buy a decent laptop. A lot of people didn’t even need a laptop as they were not even using their big desktop personal computers. But now we not only most people have laptops, we have the mobile devices such as the iPhone that are highly capable of getting the job done when you are on the go. Laptops are getting thinner (e.g. Macbook Air) and smaller (like ultimate mobile PCs). It’s not a surprise as people are looking for ultra portable and highly capable computers to take with them at all times.

Netbooks are somewhere in the middle. They are bigger than UMPCs but cheaper than Macbook Air. For that very reason, netbooks have struck a cord with the consumers. In these tough economic times, not many people afford to pay thousands of dollars to purchase a Macbook or an UMPC. Netbooks go for $250-$500, and that is more affordable to most consumers. Companies such as Asus, Acer, HP, and Dell have realized the golden opportunity in this market and have already entered it. But one of the most innovative companies in the world, Apple,has decided to watch these companies from the sidelines.

Apple has argued that it is not possible for them to come up with a $500 Apple netbook. Top Apple executives believe that a $500 AppleBook would not of high quality and something they can sell Apple fans. Apple is a premium computer maker, which means they can’t afford to confuse their fan base by offering cheap products. Apple executives also seem to believe that the iPhone can do most things that you can do with a netbook. That can’t be further from the truth. The iPhone is certainly capable, but it is not a laptop.

It seems Apple either has doubts about the viability of the netbook market or it is working secretly on a super netbook to stun its competitors yet again. The iPhone clearly crushed any efforts by Apple’s competitors to mount a decent challenge against it. Apple may be planning to do the same with its own netbook. An Apple Netbook will fill the visible hole that currently exists in Apple’s product offerings. And let’s not forget that the Mac OS has a lot of fans who rather see it perform on netbooks. Will Apple launch its own netbook? That remains to be seen, but Apple is not a company that turns down a hot market so easily.

Source by Panah C Rad

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