Siemens Mobile Phone Batteries – Maintain Its Life


Many mobile making companies are making upgraded cell phone batteries that can last for many years without any problems. A mobile phone is incomplete and completely useless without a particular battery. It is known as the life line of the mobile gadget that enables the gadget to perform functions. Many famous companies like Nokia, Samsung and Blackberry are manufacturing mobile phones with the specific batteries. They are highly involved in making these devices and its batteries.

Here in this article I would like to explain you some common batteries designed by Siemens. They all are very effective and provide good back up.

CF 62 600 – 750 mAH Standard model of battery:

Cell phone 600- 750 mAH battery for your gadget serves the long back up time and maintains the stand by time. This is CE approved technology that is suitable with the Siemens C66 C65, CT66, S65, C70, C71, CF62, CF63 models. This is designed to suit these models.

C25 Model:

This C25 particular model has the700 mAH compositions. It has been effectively designed to support the premium quality models of Siemens. This model is approved by CE technology and comes with the life time warranty period.


This particular model comes with the good back up which is primary need of every gadget. It gives the higher talk time and stand by time. The warranty of this model is one year only.

N4001 – A101

It is a Li-Ion model which is needed in the specific models of Siemens. This is really very light in weight and offers an extended talk time of 360 minutes and stand by time of 220 hours. It is a 600 mAH battery.

N4501 – A100:

It is a Li-Ion model that gives the stand by time of 300 hours and 360 minutes of continuous talk time. This specific model is compatible with the ME45, S45, S45i Siemens models.

N4801 – A100:

It is 4 mm thick lithium battery which possesses the capacity of 540 mAH. The weight of this model is just 25 grams. It gives the constant talk time of 420 minutes and stand by time of 350 hours.

N4801 – A104:

It is a slim and extended model that gives the 350 hours of standby time and 420 hours of constant talk time.


It provides the longer shelf life and comes with one and half year warranty.

So this was all about some particular batteries for some particular models of Siemens. Maintain its performance and life.

Source by Allen Cleveland

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