Simplify Business and Save Time With Unified Communications Technology


Have you ever tried to contact an associate only to find that you could not reach him at his cell phone? Little did you know that the associate was on his laptop, signed into his instant messenger, completely available. How much time would you save if you immediately knew he was online and you could send a quick message by phone or several other means of electronic communication?

Very likely, your cell phone already has this functionality, but advances in  technology , such as unified communications, are slowly making all devices that serve these purposes interconnected, boosting business productivity significantly. The faster businesses can locate clients, fellow associates and vendors outside the company, the less time and dollars that are wasted.

All of your communications devices can be consolidated within a remote server. Instead of waiting for a technician to show up and perform repairs on your database, let a technician perform repairs before you even realize that there is anything wrong. With technicians monitoring your system round the clock, problems can be corrected in a fraction of the amount of time it would have taken you to call for assistance and dispatch assistance.

Your voicemail, instant messenger, email and fax are all integrated. Instead of checking several systems for messages, check only one unified location. This saves you time and also enables remote access to call recipients in real time. This way, if someone’s phone is off, you can still contact them electronically for urgent matters and vice versa.

With high definition, cloud-based VoIP, compress calls and cut costs by having several calls fill the same space that is normally filled by only one circuit-switched network.

Your business needs to be constantly on the go, always changing and ready to hit the road. With cloud computing, your system will be with you at all times.

Hold audio and video conferences that are prescheduled, or have a conference call spur of the moment so that you can get it out of the way. Hold interviews with prospective job candidates and meet clients on the other side of the world to negotiate deals, without the cost and hassles of travel.

With unified communications, you will be able to quickly and cheaply communicate with anyone in your business in real-time, saving you from the hassle of waiting for a response and avoiding the clutter of having multiple communication systems to monitor. These systems are not only easier to operate but also less expensive than typical phone models with half the capabilities.

Source by Sanjay Nambiar

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