Sivan Health and Fitness FCHAIR-AD Adjustable Balance Ball Chair with Ball and Pump


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This chair is very useful for stretching, preventing spine disorders, rehabilitation, correcting posture, reducing stiffness and improving circulation. Featuring a sturdy base designed with 4 rolling wheels of which 2 can be locked into position, this is the perfect chair for in the home or at the office. Additionally, this chair acts as a shock absorber while you are seated in it and helps to ease your body into an ergonomic position for improved posture. The unique, adjustable chair back allows you to position the chair to fit your needs. You will appreciate the fact that you can practice stretching and strengthening key muscles without having to visit a gym. This chair offers numerous other benefits and many more when used with a balance ball. This purchase includes a black balance and stability ball as well as a pump to inflate the ball.Can be used in home or at the office to ease body into an ergonomic position
Rolling base features 4 rolling wheels, 2 of which are lockable
Use to stretch, correct posture, reduce stiffness and improve circulation
Enhances physical rehabilitation, prevents spine disorders
Color: black and comes with weight bearing, adjustable seat back, black balance ball and pump

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