Skin Fitness Acne Skincare Kit


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Kit includes:

  • Cranberry Acne Bar 1 oz
  • EGF Protein Complex 7 ml
  • Lemon Hydration Gel 15 ml
  • Retinolic Serum 7 ml
  • Anti-Radical Toner 1 oz

BENEIFITS: This facial cleanser is an excellent all-over body bar for anyone with an acne and/or seborrhea skin-type. It is sometimes referred to as “acne bar” or “oily skin bar”. This product is a two layer bar with a sulfur zone for added scrubbing action. The cleanser base is (a complex of sugar polymer surfactants and cranberry known for its detoxifying properties) and therefore the mildest bar anywhere! It contains sulfur and salicylic acid for their keratolytic and anti-bacterial properties. This keratine-softening effect greatly reduces the incidence of scarring while healing. And it also makes the skin more receptive to our epidermal growth factor products which are being used increasingly in the treatment of acne. FOCUS INGREDIENTS: * “Sweet” Eucalyptus (which contains less of the irritating phellandrene fraction and more of the soothing eucalyptol fraction). * Hemlock Oil ( not to be confused with the poison that killed a famous philosopher). Hemlock oil will eventually prove to be the most effective botanical in the treatment of acne; it promotes “chemo-taxis”, i.e. the flow of bacterially-produced foreign material out of the follicular epithelium.Clearer skin and no more breakouts

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