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Turning you PSP into a phone is cool enough. Turning it into a free phone device is awesome, and that’s what you get if you take advantage of the newly integrated Skype functionality. Since the Skype software is free, and account setup is free, there’s a good chance you’ve already discovered the benefits of using this Voice over IP format to chat to friends. If not, now there’s really no reason not to jump on the bandwagon and enjoy free PSP-to-PSP calling.

Unlike phones and traditional landlines, Skype uses Internet bandwidth to allow for free computer-to-computer calls, as well as calls to and from mobile/ home phones. Skype on PSP gives the service a fresh portable extension, allowing PSP owners to tap into a WI-Fi network to communicate with other registered PSP owners, computer users, and standard telephone users.

You can use the stand-alone PSP headphones with the PSP USB microphone, though the combined headset is specifically designed for use with Skype and is both comfortable and effective. Be sure to check for the latest version of the PSP firmware before starting; go to Network Update under the Setting tab of the XMB to download the latest version if you need it. Once up to date, slide over to the Network tab on the far right of the Xmb and select Skype.

If you already have a Skype account, you can easily use it on the PSP by entering your username and password. Those new to the Internet telephone fold will not need to fire up a PC to get started, simply select the Create New Skype Account option and the PSP web browser will point you in the right direction. Skype registration is completely free, as are calls to and from other PSP users and computers. It’s the more Interesting stuff, talking to standard phone users, receiving voicemail that requires dropping a little change.

For $60 a year (or $18 for three months), you can buy a local number in one 21 countries (including the U.S and U.K) allowing phone users to call you PSP an pay standard rates even if you are on the other side of the world. Call any landline or cell phone with reasonable per minute. You will have to prepay for Skype Credit to place such calls, but it can be far cheaper than calling international buddies on your national mobile plan. Receive vice messages when you are not logged in to Skype for $20 a year (or $6 for three months). Not only will this come in handy while outside a Wi-Fi hotspot, but you won’t have to leave you PSP on to hear from a pal.

Source by Tauqeer Ul Hassan

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