So, Who Will Be the Next ‘Internet Guru’?


Internet money making ‘ gurus ‘. They seem to be everywhere lately.

I get dozens of emails daily, I’m sure you do too, saying “Join my latest program / buy my latest e-book” and make hundreds / thousands / millions of dollars before breakfast tomorrow – and all you have to do is send them some money and they will give you their latest ‘magic’ system.

It is quite comical really, how can they have so many ‘magic’ formulas that they ‘accidentally stumbled upon’ that made them another fortune?

If you hadn’t guessed by now 99.9% of all the offers you get from these ‘ gurus ‘ are just hype and nothing more. The same old ideas are repackaged and sold off as new systems to trap some of the millions of people looking for money making ideas or home business opportunities on the internet.

Most of these ‘ gurus ‘ have probably never made a penny from the ideas they are selling, they are just good at selling junk and make a fortune that way.


Marketing. Pure and simple.

Whatever the product or service is that you are selling or promoting, it is all down to how you make it look and how you market it. You must know who your market is and what it is that they want to see or hear, and therefore buy.

These ‘ gurus ‘ are targeting the people who are either new to the ‘home business’ market and are looking for the first time, and also the people who have tried a few ideas that didn’t work but are still receptive to sales material offering them riches. Basically the inexperienced people. These people will never, ever make money from these ideas but will keep on spending their money looking for that right opportunity until they admit defeat and give up. And often they will still come back for more at a later date.

To make a FULL TIME LIVING from the internet you need to take yourself out of that group of people. You have to realize that these fantastic offers are all hype and will not make you anything, and then you can start to develop a mindset for actually making money. You need to develop the same mindset as these ‘ gurus ‘ that want your money.

Now I am not saying you should repackage old rubbish to sell off to unsuspecting other people, but you do need to develop the mindset behind what these ‘ gurus ‘ are doing.

You need to firstly decide what product or service you want to sell or promote, then properly identify your market. Who are the people who will want to buy this product or service? And then you can develop your marketing strategy to target those people.

I will cover more on this subject in another article, but hopefully this will give you food for thought in the meantime – and save you some money!

Basically the next ‘internet  guru ‘ should be YOU.

Source by Mark Alan Brown

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