Some Unique GPS Applications


The GPS applications with which most people are familiar have to do with navigation. The signals make it easier to find your way from one place to another, regardless of your mode of transportation or how good you are at map reading.

If you are a business owner, you may be unfamiliar with the many business uses of these devices. Only an experienced software consultant can tell you exactly how you could use the technology in your business, based upon the kind of business you are in. But, here are a few examples anyway. You might see something you can use.


Any large communication or observation system needs absolute timing and location. The time used by the global positioning satellite system is not affected by atomic time. Atomic time is the practice of resetting clocks in order to take into account the rotation of the earth.

Companies responsible for receiving emergency calls rely on this absolute timing as well as the navigational GPS applications. They know where emergency teams are located and can accurately estimate how long it will take for the team to arrive on site.


A software consultant would recommend GPS for any surveying company. Contractors and construction companies can benefit, as well. It is the most accurate surveying technology available. It saves time and money, because it prevents mistakes.

Scientific Uses

The technology is used for studying earthquakes and the movement of tectonic plates. The motions of faults can be measured directly. An experienced software consultant might mention these uses to mining companies and geologists.

Tour Guides

Tour guides can make use of the navigational GPS applications. They also have the ability to make use of programs that determine what kind of content to display. When approaching points of interest, the program will provide information about the history and other facts concerning the tourist attraction.

Pet Tracking

Vets and pet supply companies have used the technology to make it easier for people to keep track of their animals. A tiny receiver is implanted beneath the animal’s skin.

If he or she shows up at a pound or veterinarian’s office, your name, address and phone number can be read using the device. It is also possible to track pets from remote locations using the same technology.

These are just a few of the GPS applications that an experienced software consultant could tell you about. Getting a consultation can ensure that you choose the correct apps and get the best return on your investment.

Source by Tom Gruich

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