Sonam Kapoor – The New Bollywood Actress


Sonam Kapoor comes in the skies by the “Saawariya” a movie by the director of Devdas. Kapoor is the legendary last name in the Indian Film Industry, which understands as the symbol of Success. But in the case of Sonam it’s not true, because the artist has the guts of performing arts; The Kathak Dance, classical Indian Music and Latin dance are the specialties of Sonam. She studies Dance from her childhood, and 2 years of theater study from United World College of East Asia. Now her B.A is on going from Bombay University.

In her 2 Movies Saawariya (2007) as skina and in Delhi-6 (2009) as Bittu Sharma, she plays the lead role. Unfortunately movies didn’t get much success on the box office but in the views of critics the performance of Sonam is finest in given roles, especially she discovers her abilities in Delhi-6 more than before. She is coming in ‘Karan Johar’s I Hate Luv Storys’, Shahid’s Mosam (2011) and Anil Kapoor’s Aisha (2010) movies.

Before coming as actress her stories of over weighting then reduce weighting are much famous, while she is assisting the Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Bhansali has the confident on sonam to work as an actress, other than filming, so she trained her for the ‘Saawariya’.

Her revolution of smartness make her front page model for fashion and Trend setter magazines, she now cares very much for her style and beauty. Her Hobbies including filming, reading, writing, painting, playing squash and basketball, video games and shopping. Rhea and Harsh are the siblings.

Source by Syed Ahtasham Ul Haq

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