Sony KDL-46Z5800


The new 46″ Sony KDL-46Z5800 is more than just your regular television. In fact, this television incorporates many features that will provide you with hours of entertainment in many new and surprising ways. Aside from using the latest in picture technology, Sony has also integrated features that make this TV environmentally friendly, and will still satisfy any tech guru.

The Sony KDL-46Z5800 has a built in “free sat”, which gives you access to over 140 TV and radio channels for no additional cost to the consumer. You can access over 70 hours of full HDTV from popular channels, such as iTV or the BBC without signing a contract or paying a subscription fee.

There are several types of port on the Sony KDL-46Z5800. First is DLNA connectivity, which allows any compatible devices to be attached to the TV. There is also a USB port, and 4 HDMI ports. You can also connect the TV to the internet, allowing you to subscribe to RSS updates which will show on your TV screen as you are watching TV.

The Bravia line of Sony products also includes “Bravia Sync”, which allows you to control Sony products and set up your home theater system with one remote. The two front speakers not only provide you with beautiful sound, you will experience surround sound without any additional equipment.

Another one of the many features allows you to turn your TV into a digital photo frame for times when no one is watching TV. You can use your own personal pictures or you can use preloaded pictures that come with your TV.

Environmentally, the 46″ Sony KDL-46Z5800 has been designed intelligently. There are several options for the amount of power that you use, and you can choose how Eco-friendly you wish to be. When the TV is not being used it also uses zero power, whereas most other TVs do use power even when turned off. The TV screen will also adjust brightness according to the light in the room due to the built in sensor.

Where it is possible, Sony has used recycled plastic and paper in order to help reduce the company’s carbon footprint. Anytime possible, the company uses organic inks and non bleached paper as well. Additional packaging is avoided, which allows for more efficient transport. The slim line of this Sony KDL-46Z5800 TV also is helpful to the environment.

The technical specifications are also impressive. The 1080p resolution allows the viewer to experience the clearest HDTV. There are automatic noise filters, light sensors as well as motion detectors for even the fastest images. The contrast ratio is 100,000 to 1, which provides the viewer with the sharpest pictures and the deepest color. You will also be able to enjoy the full benefits of BluRay and the stunning visuals of Sony PS3 games.

These are just a few of the features that you will find on the Sony KDL-46Z5800. This TV will not only provide you with years of entertainment and spectacular viewing, but will help the environment, one TV at a time.

Source by Andrew Emerson

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