Spare Parts Management


Spare Parts Management is really important in any organization for achieving the needed plant availability at optimum costs. These days, most of the industries are going for mass production oriented, sophisticated and capital intensive technology and for such machinery and plant, the downtime is really expensive. It has been seen in many industries that unavailability of parts when required for repairs contributes to about fifty percent of the total down time. Together with this, the costs of the parts is much more than fifty percent of the total maintenance cost and when the maintenance   department  complains of non-availability of parts, the  finance   department  faces monetary problems. This signifies that spare parts management is of utmost importance in any organization.

However, there are also a number of problems faced in controlling and managing parts by the organizations. The first problem is that there is always an element of uncertainty that is when parts are required and the quantity that is required.

Another problem is that some of the parts may not be easily available on the market. This can happen due to two reasons. Firstly, the parts are sold quite fast and secondly, manufacturers may introduce new designs and parts for the old models may be phased out. This may be a case with imported spare parts as developed countries tend to introduce new designs often.

The third problem could be that the variety and number of parts are too large which makes the close control more tedious.

The main aim of spare parts management is to make certain that parts are available as and when needed at optimum costs. Together with this, the parts have to be of the right quality.

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