Spider-Man’s Powers


The necessary evil – literally, it seems – of playing with action figures is that you need to have a bad guy. Usually. It seems this has been a mainstay for kids – typically boys – since the dawn of Creation. Well, if you’re playing with Spider-Man, you “just gotta have” Dr. Doom, as he tends to represent Old Spidey’s arch-enemy. But how does he beat Dr. Doom? What are his powers?

I’ll try and remember correctly – if I can – what Dr. Doom’s powers are…hm, nope, I can’t. But that doesn’t really matter, I suppose. Spider-Man’s powers are the point.

First of all, how did he get his powers? Well, according to the movie, he was bitten by a radioactive spider when the class was at the museum. When he woke up the next morning, he was much stronger and a lot more nimble.

Not only was he stronger and more nimble, Peter Parker could stick to walls and climb them, just like a spider. And time seemed to slow down when there was a high-pressure situation, and he could react at will.

Now comes the ability to shoot webs, one of his strongest weapons. Spider-Man can shoot webs out of his wrists and then grab the web to swing on it from building to building. If he doesn’t want to grab the web, he can use it to hold an enemy in place or cause him to slip up.

Is Spider-Man as powerful as superman? This nerd says no, but there are a lot of spidey fans out there who say that Spider-Man’s intelligence and gymnastic abilities would be quite a handful for the Man of Steel.

The world may never know.

Source by Paul A Buchanan

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