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This movie starts when the Grace family (Jared, his twin brother Simon their sister Mallory and their mother) move from New York to a secluded old house the “Spiderwick Estate”. Quickly after moving into this house the Grace family starts to notice the disappearance of many objects as well as strange accidents which occur on a daily basis, since the family has no clue as to what “really” is going on around them they tend to blame it all on Jared (the naughty boy of the family).

This old house belonged to Arthur Spiderwick, the children’s great, great uncle. Once Jarred has had enough of taking all the blame as far as the “irregularities” which are happening in his great, great uncle’s house he and his brothers start investigating around the house but little did they know about the incredible reality of the Spiderwick Estate. Many of the creatures they discover are invisible and can only be seen with the “seeing stone” or whenever they wanted to be seen. All of these occurrences start to happen once Jared opens a book which had a note warning him of the dangers involved with taking a quick look inside of it.

While the movie’s story is completely unique, it has several similarities to films we have seen in the past such as Pam’s Labyrinth, The Chronicles of Narnia, and others which fall within the fantasy/adventure/drama category. The main cast is formed by: Freddy Highmore (Jared/Simon Grace), Sarah Bolger (Mallory Grace) and many others which lend their fantastic voices for the several creatures which appear in the movie.

Some of the creatures featured in this movie are:

Goblins: These are frog-like creatures with short legs and big mouths, they travel in packs in the woods and they also attack as a group since a single goblin is not very dangerous, despite their short legs these creatures can move quickly. Almost all of the weapons they use are made of lost or stolen human artifacts.

Sprites: These are one of the most beautiful and notorious creatures in the movie, they are similar to fairies. At night their bodies produce a faint glow which is often confused with fireflies

Brownies: These unique creatures despite their appearance can be quite helpful, they attach themselves to human households in order to help with protect the well-being of the people who live within it; they however do have a dark side, if someone takes advantage of them or get them angry they can become “Boggarts” which is a bigger, greener and scarier version of the Brownie.

These are some of the unique characters found within the Spiderwick Estate which are sure to catch your attention, the movie actually features dozens of creatures which can be only be seen if you have the sight or the seeing stone.

Source by Ivan A Cuxeva

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