Spiritual Health for Holistic Health


The key to holistic  health  is to start with spiritual  health . There are no short-cuts to this. Often, the tendency is to see only our physical fitness needs, not realizing that overall fitness starts with the spirit. Begin with spiritual  health  for holistic  health .

What is spiritual  health ?

Spiritual  health  is when your spirit dominates soul and body. Think of the spirit, soul, and body as being in a constant tug-of-war. The soul is in the middle waiting to be pulled either by the spirit or the flesh (or body)–whichever is stronger. The soul (mind and awareness) is always neutral.

If the body (or flesh) is stronger than the spirit, we are dictated by the cravings or desires of our fleshly or carnal inclinations. What the flesh wants, it gets. The soul just obeys the flesh. You begin to have a mindset that supports whatever the body wants and often compromises what it knows to be truth. The spirit, being outnumbered (two against one), easily succumbs and goes with the flow. Thus, the flesh leads, the soul obeys, and the spirit is merely carried along.

For instance, if our body doesn’t feel like working out, the mind will just agree, even if it knows the need for exercise. The spirit will just be pulled along by the flesh and soul. Often, in this case, it is dead. If the body craves for fatty food–and the spirit is weak (or dead) to oppose it–the mind will just obey the flesh and think of ways how to feed the craving, though it knows the disadvantages of fats.

Spiritual  health  is when the spirit has power to command the mind and discipline the body. The spirit feeds and controls the mind, directing its value system, preferences, and propensities (mindset). Together, they discipline and even command the body accordingly, and the body obeys no matter what. Thus, great athletes are able to reach their full potentials when their spirits, through rigid training, see the possibilities of great feats being achieved.

A high jumper may not be able to jump more than 6 feet high biologically. But his mind goes to work, powerfully thinking that he could do it. This positive thinking is fed by his spirit which has been trained to defy the impossible. Because his spirit is thus filled, his mind sees the success even before it is achieved. The body merely obeys accordingly. And so the high jump sets a new record.

In the spirit is powerful faith, in the mind is the clear vision of success, in the body is the obedient execution. That’s spiritual  health .

In the same breath, a strong spirit can also command and control emotions, attitudes for social relationships, and the ability, discipline, and patience to grow finances–or manage well even with the lack of it. God has given each of us these potentials. And because God is spirit, he alone can empower our spirits to command and control, not only for holistic  health  purposes, but also for dominating creation.

Source by Juancho Gaerlan

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