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Cable bills, satellite bills, movie tickets, music downloads, book shopping, magazine subscriptions, sporting events – keeping yourself entertained sure costs money. Spending on entertainment is easy to do because it’s highly desirable, but if you don’t pay attention, then it’s easy to overspend and not get much value.

First look at what you spend on television entertainment, which for most people means a satellite or cable subscription. Everyone knows these bills go up all time and you don’t get any more content. A conservative monthly price for cable or satellite television is $30, but people tend to be in the $40 to $50 range, and people who get premium channels might have bills in the $75 to $100 range. At any level, that is a high cost so you can flip through the channels and watch a lot of commercials. Even a modest $40 a month bill equals $480 a year on television.

I personally chose to eliminate my satellite bill of $45 a month ($540 annual) and only pay $18 a month ($216 annual) for DVDs from NetFlix. With my NetFlix subscription I get any movie, documentary, or television show I want to watch and I do it on my schedule. I’ve arranged for significant annual savings on my television viewing and improved the quality of my entertainment. I no longer waste time channel surfing and watching commercials. And keep in mind that watching commercials fills you with longing for items you either can’t afford or don’t need anyway. So, reducing your exposure to television commercials could help you save money because your shopping impulses will not be triggered as much.

Now I know one of the big complaints about mail DVD services is waiting for them to come in the mail. During those inevitable postal interludes I recommend going to your local library. You can check out books and also get music CDs and movie DVDs for free. Public libraries are an excellent and friendly source of entertainment for everyone in a family.

Admittedly libraries offer better selections of books than other media, but books are also one of the best forms of entertainment and learning around. They are the original mobile devices after all. Reading books can get to be an addictive activity as well, and it’s a great habit to nurture in children. Even when you end up purchasing books, they offer hours of commercial-free entertainment for prices typically ranging from $8 to $40. For avid readers who also buy books, the library provides an important tool for keeping the book budget under control.

Another medium for reading that is catching on with people is the ebook. Although an investment is needed in an eBook reading device, like the Sony or the Kindle, you can then save on book shipping costs and often obtain titles for lower rates than the hardcover or paperback prices.

Smart choices about how you spend or don’t spend your entertainment dollars can lead to significant boosts in your enjoyment of your favorite media and more money in your pocket. Thinking for a few minutes about what you really like and your options can save you money that you can put toward savings, necessities, or even more entertainment! You’ll always need more of that.

Source by Tracy Falbe

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