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EDI education is not easily acquirable widely. In companies where EDI system is implemented, staff members generally learn EDI on their own or by contacting their software vendor. This approach might prove adequate for the day-to-day operation, but for a longer run it is not sufficient for deploying EDI completely in your business. Sterling Integrator, Gentran, GIS EDI  Training

Business-to-business (B2B) services include integrating data with external entities such as customers and suppliers via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). This exchange can be done using standard formats such as X12 or EDIFACT or proprietary formats.

History and basic concepts of EDI

  • Major EDI Advances
  • Implementation of EDI in Various Industries
  • Needs of EDI Business
  • EDI Standards ANSI X12, EDIFACT
  • Various EDI Component and Communications
  • Tracking and observing EDI Documents
  • EDI software and hardware required for communication
  • EDI Translation and Business Application Integration

Hands on Training for Sterling Commerce Gentran Integration Suite (GIS) The training content is structured to match your organizations specific business objectives and need. Our training engagement topic makes the attendees to completely leverage the Gentran Integration’ Suite Structure Our innovative and flexible learning approach consists of instructor-led learning methods, supplemented with hands-on exercises, mentoring and access to our online library of knowledge (OASIS) including our World-class training material. You have the choice customize your training plan by choosing from 50 different topics or use our full training engagement. 

  • Overview of Gentran Integration Suite
  • Introduction to Data Mapping in GIS
  • Inbound Business Processes .
  • Outbound Business Processes
  • Administering Maps
  • System Header Map

This course for Gentran Integration Suite at Channel Integration includes:

  • How to Create an Outbound EDI Business Process
  • Sample EDI Outbound Business Process
  • Document Extraction Service
  • When to Use , What It Does
  • Document Extraction Service Parameters
  • For Each Document Service , Rules
  • EDI Encoder Service
  • EDI Enveloping Service and Enveloping Processes
  • Three Predefined Enveloping Processes
  • Services and Rules Used in the X12 Enveloping Business
  • Process
  • Invoke Sub-Process Service

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