Succeed With the APPLE System


I believe there are five things you MUST have to succeed online.

By “succeed” I mean… the ability to sell products and make a full time income (or better) using the Internet, in an automated way that creates free time (so you can enjoy your success!).

I’ve helped MANY people achieve that dream, and used the principles you find below to do it.

Here is my APPLE system:


No matter what you sell online, you will need to advertise. The key to real success is sticking to the basics and doing those very well.

So what are the basics?

  • Know how to write a great ad or find a great copywriter
  • Know how to place ads on the right websites – and do that strategically
  • Know how to use email marketing
  • Know how to build a mailing l nist of your own so you can advertise free anytime you want to

If you master those methods you will build a powerful foundation for success, and then you can experiment with things that might work.

Starting with what is proven to work is the best path to a successful start online. Leave the experimenting to those who can afford to lose money.


You’ve got to have the right product to succeed online. So what is the “right” product?

It could be anything from A to Z, but it will have these characteristics if you want long term success.

  • Something people want
  • Something people can afford to buy
  • Something well suited to being bought online
  • Something that makes customers happy so they appreciate your recommendation
  • Something that sets the stage for further sales without torturing the customer with endless “one time offers” and upsells

One modifier– it has to be something a LARGE group of people want or you will suffer from too much competition, lower profits and will work much too hard for every sale.


People must be able to afford what you sell and must be able to buy it online if you want a truly automated online business.

How do you find the “right” price?

There are four guidelines I use when choosing price points:

  1. Will the customer receive real value?
  2. Will MY prospects be able to afford it?
  3. Does it pay enough for me to cover marketing costs and be profitable?
  4. Is anyone undercutting the price on auction sites?

Notice point 2 – YOUR prospects will have a price point profile. You must know what they are LIKELY to spend before advertising to them.

People forget that their commissions need to cover marketing costs AND pay them a profit. It’s a vital distinction.

Spending $100 and making $150 in sales often means you have actually lost money.


The holy grail of online marketing… traffic. There is so much hype about this that it makes one want to scream “stop… I want to get off the train!”

But we can’t stop and get off, so we must try and understand.

There are only two sources of traffic:

  1. Free traffic
  2. Paid traffic


Here’s something not enough people talk about, and even fewer do. When a person is starting online, or taking the next step up the ladder of success online, they sometimes need someone to talk to who has been there and will show them the way.

Of course, this is the PREMISE of every book, teleseminar, information product and membership website out there.

But do they really deliver?

Have you ever bought a book you think is going to help you understand a topic and end up MORE confused after you read the book than before you started?

I have… and I’ll bet you have too.

You need encouragement. Maybe not a “mentor,” “guru,” or “coach” but you DO need someone REAL, with real experience who will help you when you get stuck.

Sure, it takes time but PEOPLE are what matter most, not profits.

So there you have my APPLE formula. The key is really this: focus on the BASICS and master them and you will never need to fiddle around with all the new and unproven marketing techniques that seem to pop up every day.

And THAT is a beautiful thing indeed!

Source by Charlie Page

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