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Sugar CRM is an organized method using software to manage customer relations from initial contact to after-sales support. Each contact point with a customer is a chance to excel and after a customer has turned from a lead into a sale, customer relations continue. Each type of customer interaction may take place with a different department and CRM software is a way to ensure that the customer passes from department to department without ever getting lost in the cracks. Satisfied customers are what today businesses depends upon.

Customer relations is not just the contact points normally documented in sales persons appointment books or when a customer is referred to the   financing   department  although each of these steps requires tracking and coordination. Each business interacts with customers differently and even a Christmas card can be considered customer relations contact and should be tracked.

Software has made the task of keeping customers loyal to the brand, ensuring satisfaction and not losing customers due to miscommunication much simpler. Valuable demographics, sales statistics and customer profiles are just part of what Sugar CRM can help coordinate, analyze and communicate.

Perhaps what is most appealing about Sugar CRM for the users is its adaptability to each business. No business interacts with its customer base in the same way as every other business. The main job of a CRM is to adapt and continue to improve the customer experience while providing valuable tools for coordination and evaluation to the forward moving company.

Whether a sales force consists of 10 people or thousands spread across the nation, coordination in marketing and sales leads is vital. Sugar CRM can help keep everyone on the same page, track sales, help coordinate marketing teams and even analyze specific campaign results.

Using Sugar CRM can help centralize customer support issues sharing complaints and issues with support staff and developers. A customer support self service portal can help control customer support costs and allow them access to frequently asked questions and issues before escalating the issue to a live representative.

Sugar CRM is highly customizable and the platform itself is very stable. The important part for most companies is ensuring that integrated reporting and fits the focus of their business. No matter how the contact with the customer is initiated, through ad campaigns, emails, telephone calls or visits Sugar CRM can help track it, the frequency and the reported outcome.

While analysis in the past lacked a lot of data as regards the means of contact with a customer, any significant customer contact or feedback or sometimes how they were referred a CRM platform can coordinate this information from the very first contact. This can tell the analysts which campaigns are working, what complaints are most common and what the customer thinks of the product and the support from start to finish.

This type of information was almost impossible to gather before CRM software became available to the business interested in not only acquiring new sales but keeping their existing customers.

Source by Shoib Ahmad

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