Summer Movie 2010 Recap


The summer movie season in general was an awkward one for the industry that saw a few throw backs to the eighties such as Karate Kid (Sony), A-Team and Predators (Fox) that it must have made MGM think that Hot Tub Time Machine would have received a mountain of box office receipts if it was released in July rather than in Q1.

Then the unexpected as The Expendables saves LionsGate. What a crazy summer, when Stallone after all these years is the comeback kid at age 64! I even read today that Pirhana a film that only took in $10 Million it’s opening weekend has just confirmed that the sequel has been green lit.

Amazing that those Expendables and Pirhana are getting the hype for the foul balls thrown earlier in the season by Robin Hood (Warner), Iron Man and Shrek (Paramount) and lets not forget Sex and the City (Warner). So the summer was off to a weak start with what was predicted to be a great lead into summer revenues.

May box office was down 11% and attendance off nearly 20% according to AdAge. Not only were the studio executives getting a bit nervous but so were all the companies that thought that this would be the summer of Mobile. Truth of the matter is that Mobile advertising is wonderful with the right product. However, less than 30% of the country utilizes smart phone technology and since this is the case it is a painful experience to link the remaining 70% of the population to sound and vision.

So the summer rapidly heats up in July with films like Inception (Warner), and family, 3-D and animation was rampant. So much animation that their was no glut of family friendly choices. Universal who opened their slate with MacGruber and quickly took it out of theaters made up for that with Despicable Me. Warner was the studio that had the thinking fans film and that led to multiple viewings and a blockbuster that stayed in the top-5 for many, many weeks. Sony released their female version of James Bond with Salt that received great reviews and dollars at the box office.

According to as of Aug. 16, Hollywood’s summer grosses were up 3% vs. last season, however, attendance was down 2.49%. This means that the planning teams at both the studios and the agencies are going to be in high gear to make you want to go to the movies this fall. Based on my experience, I don’t see attendance being a problem this fall due to the fact that the list of releases for September onward looks the way that the summer roster should have read.

Source by Michael Klein

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