Supply Chain Management and the Technology That Is Used


Today’s modern company is equipped with a streamlined agenda and always on top of the latest budget friendly innovations in the field. As your company grows, your supply chain management must evolve as well in order to keep up with the expansion. It’s vital for both you and your employees to have a clear understanding of what supply chain management is and how it is a necessary component to any well-oiled business.

A supply chain encompasses a company’s entire manufacturing process. Say your company manufactures toiletries for hotels on the west coast. A properly run supply chain management would oversee the early planning stages of the toiletries’ design to the actual manufacturing to the distribution to different hotels to returns made on defective toiletries. The goal of a successful supply chain management is to ensure that every step of the good’s production is running smoothly and that all collaborators involved (suppliers, vendors, contractors, etc.) are communicating on an efficient level.

The key to running an excellent supply chain management is to use technology to your business’ advantage. Thanks to the internet, companies are no longer limited in means of communication. In the past, employees would have to wait for feedback and updates before they could move on with a project. Today, the internet and computer software have exponentially shortened this waiting time. You can now receive feedback from someone across the globe in an instant. Imagine, instead of having to wait several days for updates, employees can simply write up a quick email and get a response a few minutes later.

Today’s technology has even been able to tackle different time zones and language barriers. Thanks to the internet and sophisticated software programs, you can exchange data that is universal in any language and virtually work 24/7. This has allowed businesses to collaborate and communicate effortlessly and run streamlined supply chain managements. For instance, say a hotel is running low on their supply of toiletries and needs a new shipment in the next day. Their system would send an automatic message to your business via the internet, your company’s own system would be notified and a new shipment would be processed early the next day.

Technology has made it possible for companies to reach out to other business with ease and utilize resources in a way that produces larger profit margins. As the internet and computer software improves efficiency, profits rise. This is just another reason to make sure that your business’ supply chain management is in tune with the latest technological advances.

•Why contractor screening is important.

If you are company that consistently works with contractors or a business looking to hire a single contractor for a project, it is imperative that you properly screen your contractors beforehand. The benefits of contractor screening are invaluable and here we give you a breakdown of “4 Reasons for Contractor Screening.”

1. Responsibility

As a company hiring a contractor it is your responsibility to make sure that they are qualified and abide to safety protocols. This means that if anything happens on the worksite, you can be held accountable for any damages or injuries.

2. Avoid Risk

Businesses who hire contractors without the help of an established contractor management service run the risk of hiring workers who are not qualified for the job, or worse, pose a safety hazard to themselves and those around them. As your business expands, so will your need to find contingent workers who are both skilled and experienced. However, as your business expands so does your risk, so it’s imperative to hire a contractor management service who knows what they’re doing and will thoroughly screen contractors for you.

3. No One Wants A Lawsuit

This is where it can get ugly. Without the expertise of a contractor management service, your company is vulnerable to lawsuits. Remember, it’s your responsibility to ensure that the people you hire are qualified and adhere to safety protocols. This means that you are liable for any safety oversights and mishaps that happen on the job. A contractor can even sue for damages suffered while on the worksite since they are not covered by workers’ compensation. To make matters even worse, not having the right contractor screening process can also make you vulnerable to fines from the government for not following safety standards set by state and federal agencies.

4. Save Time & Money

Hiring a contractor management service to properly screen contractors will save you time and money. Instead of taking the risk of blindly trusting that a contractor you hire is experienced and qualified for the job, a contractor management service will do the work for you and conduct thorough background and safety checks. This way you save time that could be used running your business more efficiently, which in the end equals for money in your pocket. Not to mention, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your business and the people you work with are in safe hands.

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